"Jesus for Muslims" Annual Banquet This Saturday in Wayne, New Jersey!

The “Jesus for Muslims” annual banquet is this Saturday (May 6, 2017, 3:00-7:00 PM) in Wayne, New Jersey. If you’d like to attend, you can register here: Events | JFM Network

allah The first creation on earth adam > Enoch > Noah > Eber > Salah > Abraham > Lot > Ishmael > Isaac > Jacob > Joseph > Job > Jethro > Moses > Aaron > David > Solomon > Elijah >Elisha > Jonah > Zechariah > John the Baptist > Jesus prophet mohamed and daniel last >>> all prophet >>>>>>> Ishmael muslim islam …the onlty people on the face of this earth > is ishmael islam…yeshua not jesus christ…yeshua this demon evil He has one eye The prince of the Jews kabbalah and their Lord…dont fallow him

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hhhh, I am a Muslim which have studied in depth different sects of Christianity, and I can tell you it’s absolutely frustrating, confusing religion fulllllll of construction and YES also EXTREMISM!!! I can’t even find a decent fully understandable trustworthy source of learning in Christianity like Sunna and Quran in Islam. I will never convert to Christianity even if they kill me, and I call all Christians to take Islam from a trustworthy Muslim preacher, Trust me it’s the right way, David is an anti-islamic preacher, he can’t be neutral and tell you the whole truth, he’s being payed to say the exact opposite… respect and peace for all!

And an advice for David, why wouldn’t you call Christians back to Christianity?? 90% of Christians in the world (if not more) are totally clueless about their religion and according to your belief if they die on that they will end up in hell, all of them do sex before marriage, divorce, don’t go to church, homosexuality, etc. why don’t you save your brothers and sisters Christians from hell?

Anything like this in Pacific Northwest?

As an ex-Muslim and someone who questioned everything in the Quran, I find it strange that no Christian ever questions the morality of a god who would kill his own child for other people’s sins. Is it because you’re taught that he did it to save mankind? I never see Christians talk about this topic, or question the morality of such a deed.

I’m genuinely curious why this doesn’t bother Christians like those here at Acts17Apologetics. From what I’ve seen on this channel, the focus is more on evangelizing and spreading the Bible.

Too bad I’m in Canada. Keep your good work David!!!

Here in Russia, Muslim already capture many land

ATTENTION: imagine the whole Milky way galaxy is a drop of water in the ocean in contrast to the Universe, now,how big is Jesus in contast to the Universe??,and,conclusion how can someone be God when in the Universe his physical form can not even be seen!!

Hello, David Wood.

The issue about Quran verse 9:29

[Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled]

This verse was revealed to Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. When he got attacked by Christians and Jews where he lived. He wanted peace, but they rejected it and wanted to destroy Islam, since almost any Christian and Jew fought against them, that is, why Allah said 'Fight those who do not believe in Allah". It only refers to Christians and Jews in that case in defensive war. When they got defeated. They had to pay the jizyah in order to pay the damage, foods, medic care etc. Th David Wood you should check your sources before making a video about it.

I would love to come to this events, God told me don’t fear Muslims, but to reach out and to share the truth and the love what Jesus did in his times. Jesus wants and loves Muslims to know him. Why deport those God is trying save them through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and steps to become Christian, Christian is to mean to love and follow Jesus and be like him and much more. But just to develop a healthy relationship with them.

Wow great move

NEW JERSEY… oh man… i will see you there.
BTW Bro David, please take a look thetruthaboutcancer if you have a chance.

Will there be anything here in Philadelphia

I’m 17 and look up to you David wood, I have been studying for the past year on different religions,etc

I use the kjv bible as the supreme Authority not the church I try to go back to the early Christian ways

But I’m trying to become as knowledge as you are one day

Oh No! I’m in North NJ and would love to have gone, but won’t be in town on Saturday:-\

God bless you David.

I Got to see David Wood at Brooklyn College today. God bless you brother and I praise God for all he does through you. Also, thanks for answering my questions it was truly a blessing

I hope you bring lots of books about satanic verses

david can i ask you something. you want people to convert to christianity from islam. but can people can just BE muslim and still be good people. Like just claim themselves to be muslim, but not really follow all that crap on the quran. because i know many good people who claim to be muslims but just don’t really know about the religion itself, but forcing them to follow your true lord, Jesus, really? come on man you’re better than that. please reply because this is a question even though it clearly doesn’t look like one. Because it looks more like you want to convert people to christianity than actually talking about the truth of islam. I know its incredibly difficult to understand what I’m saying. BUT REPLY I NEED TO KNOWWW