Jesus in Non-Christian Sources (Craig Blomberg)
While all Historical Jesus scholars go to the New Testament to learn about Jesus, ancient non-Christian sources report a number of facts as well. Interestingly, the facts we learn about Jesus in non-Christian sources support the Christian view of Jesus. In this video, Dr. Craig Blomberg shares the details we learn about Jesus from non-Christian sources.

The oldest Picture of Jesus was graffiti in Rome. Of Jesus with a donkey head being crucified on a Cross.

Amen! His is our God. Love him and what he did for us.

If I say that JK Rowling wrote a book about a boy wizard, my statement is not a source confirming a historical Harry Potter. It is reporting that the story exists, not that its characters are real.

The ancient writers mentioned here are not a source regarding a historical Jesus. They are a source about historical Christians and what they believed. They talk about what the Christians claimed to believe, their source being the Christians’ stories. They do not confirm that the fables about Jesus are true or that there even was a historical Jesus.

Another example:
Anne tells Bob that she saw a ghost.
Anne tells Charlie that she saw a ghost.
Bob tells Charlie that Anne saw a ghost.
Charlie says, “That confirms it. Two different people report the same ghost!”

No, it’s one report repeated.

He is not a God. Rather sent by God. His companions thought they saw him alive because he was alive, never was he crucified, rather his place for crucifixion was replaced. The Dead sea scrolls denies the crucifixion of Christ (Nag Hammadi) which was an early Biblical scripture.

No need to consider JESUS as God (if you don’t want to).
Interesting thing is, how a small group were able to propagate this idea?
Can similar tactic can be used to spread other world views? As we have so fast information sharing tools.

David, your video about “Who Is Abdullah ibn Sa’d ibn Abi Sarh?” is gone. Can you re-upload it?

Most of the stuff he’s referring to, is from 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th century sources. These non Christian sources are simply repeating(or in the case of the Talmud) responding to Christian claims. They get their info about Jesus from Christians, these are not independent corroborating sources.

Allahu Akbar!!!

That was a good explanation of Jesus considering how short it was, I have watched other speakers talk for hours and not include that much information.

But…but i thought Jesus was muslim and preached islam at birth?? i thought he wasn’t crucified and did not rise from the dead??? lol #sarcasm #JesusChristisLord

“I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today, I know that He is risen whatever men may say, He lives He lives His mercy to impart, You ask me how I know He lives… He lives inside my heart”


WOW! Craig Blomberg the author that made my head explode in undergrad. I could not look directly at him for fear of going blind.

Thanks for sharing +Acts17Apologetics.

Josephus (sic) are you sure?

where exactly r these conferences or Christian organizations? I wanna attend some of them

I would love to read the sources of which he speaks

. Exceptionally interesting, does anyone know of any solid lectures on utube of this topic.

. Jesus Is Life, Joseph

Hymns of him as God? And rightly so, he is.