Jesus Owns Muhammad

According to the Qur’an, Christians must judge by the Gospel. But the Gospel says that Jesus owns everything. Since Jesus owns everything, he also owns Muhammad!

He did not say I know The Truth, he said I am The Truth

LMAOOO he just broke the islamic religion good job man

Love the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme in the beginning :joy:

Christian and Muslim are debating

This is just christian hate!

Mohammed is going to have a bad day when he stands before the real lord.

If a Muslim denies the Gospel then they have no ground to stand on taking about the Qur’an. I stand on the Gospel.

He did not say to read the Bible. The quran talk about Torah. In the Torah if you look closely it says Traditional Judaism has no specific doctrinal view of Jesus.

Since the central belief of Judaism is the absolute unity and singularity of God, Judaism forbids the worship of a person as a form of idolatry, and therefore consideration of Jesus as deity is not a significant issue in traditional Jewish thought.

Shame on you for saying that and denying the one and only God Allah swt
Don’t you fear Allah? People like you will be thrown in hell.

lier Y don’t u worship one god Allah S.W.T

Name jesus also mohamad .islam is kritian original complete david taurot .zabur .injil in the islam .IF YOU HATE RELIGION ISLAM YOU HATE YOUR RELIGION YOUR SHELP.ISLAM MEMUAT KITAB KITAB TERDAHULU .

Jesus is the way,the true,and the resurrection of life

U are a white supremacy leader I can see saying: Jesus own MOHAMMED it’s like saying to a Blk person by a white man I owe u u are my property RIDICULOUS STATEMENTS I shall see your grave punishment squeezing u hard that animals hears your screams around grave for denying Almighty’s messengers.

Allahs messengers do not own one another from Adam-Moses-Jesus-MOHAMMED they never owned one another the word JESUS BEGOTTEN do u even know what that means ??? Having physical relation to produce offspring so how can Jesus be BEGOTTEN LOL when Almighty have given birth to Mother Mary for our beloved prophet Isa/Jesus u call son of GOD. Jesus do not OWN anything u are teaching false ideology. U NEED MENTAL HELP LOL funny to me that church giving option for cremation Jesus strictly forbidden burning body in CHRISTIANITY so how come church follower allow that to occur ???

U will hear footsteps as people walk away 3steps away and your soul given back to u no one can help u when u fail those questions for denying Beloved Prophet your grave gonna squeeze u your bones will cris cross across in fear

In judgment day u will learn when your soul enters your grave 3 questions will be asked ? Who was your LORD who was your prophet,? Who did u follow if u were true believer your heart will answer 6feet under grave only Allah who have created messengers that U DENY how can one own another ??? U VERY STUPID LOL LOL u sound like those uneducated slaves under ownership

tell your women to dress like Mother Mary and not expose what Jesus have recited.

Almighty have mentioned: I who created Phophet MOHAMMED last messenger U shall not Deny Jesus/Arabic name is Prophet ISA do your homework more u POOR IGNORANT PEOPLE

Why did lord/Allah give Moses a stick turning to the biggest snake ??? To beat one who was Devils Lord FARROW/FERAWUN who was gonna destroy Egypt. Go study and alcohol was never mentioned u enter church just SUnday is not good enough