Jesus: The First and the Last

Muslims often ask where Jesus claimed to be God. Here’s a simple response. The Qur’an refers to Allah as “the First and the Last” (57:3). Similarly, in the Old Testament, God calls himself “the First and the Last” (Isaiah 44:6). In the New Testament, however, Jesus claims to be “the First and the Last” (Revelation 1:17). Why would Jesus claim to be God?

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GOD the SON is a false Christ.
The SON of GOD is the true Christ John 10:36.
No where in the whole Bible does it teach Jesus is the same GOD He was begotten from.

Islam is a big scam run for your life guys :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Amen Jesus is GOD

God bless you

Jesus is king of kings! Take a knee or off to the lake of fire with you heathen!

Stop demonstrating your ignorance in the verse of Quran he said"ALLAH knows everything"but yesuwah doesn’t know everything"according to the holy bible"jesuwah doesn’t know the law of hour,the tree when it will give it fruit.

David Wood made me a Christian :latin_cross: thank you Dr David Wood you are blessings to Christians and even non Christians. God bless you abundantly :fist::heart:

Amen :pray: to Jesus is Lord God​:latin_cross:

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Allah (Satan) stolen all Jesus’s attributes. Jesus is God.

Jesus is God. One day Mohammed and allah will admit, But it’s too late for them, they have lost their chance.

Some Christians like myself don’t agree with the notion that Jesus is God himself due to scriptures like the father is greater than I for instance but I respect your work greatly.

Jesus is not ur saviour…

I was a Muslim a few weeks ago. now I am a Christian and a servant of Jesus Christ. I left Islam because it is full of moral, historical and scientific mistakes. Islam is so violent and anti-women. If it were not for the killing, harassing and disowning of the converts from Islam to another religion. millions would have left Islam. Until now even my family don’t know that I left Islam because if they knew, they would disown me if not kill me.

In John 14:9 Jesus said; “he that hath seen me hath seen the Father”

David Wood… I just happened to watch this video today (3/10/2019), and BibleGateWay’s verse of the day is 1st Peter 3: 15. It was funny because I immediately went to the site to look up the verse so I could write it down and tape it to my computer monitor for a reminder. (Its good to have Bible verse reminders to see everyday.)