Jewish Leaders Call for State of Emergency in New York Following Wave of Antisemitic Hate Crimes

Antisemitic attacks occur almost daily in New York. Following the most recent attack (multiple stabbings at a rabbi’s house during a Hanukkah celebration in the New York City suburb of Monsey), Jewish leaders are calling for a state of emergency. As anti-Semitism increases, so do hate crimes. Will NY Governor Andrew Cuomo find a solution, or is the Jewish community at the mercy of people like the murderous Grafton E. Thomas? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses the issue.

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You ALWAYS do an outstanding job with pronunciation! Remarkable.:ok_hand:

Thank you for speaking on this. For “being bothered” by it. I’m a Jew and you are in my gracious heart and prayers.

Few years from now
Jesus visits N.Y. & get attacked/ assaulted, humiliated & mocked.

Apparently Jewish Lives don’t matter to the SJWs.

The Talmud is more hateful of jesus than the Koran!

“Never forget”??

There’s no outrage because of who is behind the attacks

This is what happens when countries turn away from Judeo-christian values.
See Deuteronomy 28

What about the anti-Christian and anti-White rhetoric and hatred being spewed day and night from the ‘Bolshevik’ Left?? What about anti-Christian, Bolshevik Hollywood and MSM?? What incredible and evil hypocrisy!!

They should have stated “registered voters” are being attacked.

Wtf? I love blaCK PEOPLE NOW!

Sure is nice not to live in a big city or state run by democrats :3 :3

Had these attacks happened on “Alphabet People” (LGBTQ) there would be outrage all over the place!

I am sorry this isn’t a Jewish, it’s a Black thing. And the anti White, anti asian mentality is just as bad… If you can’t go shopping without fear? I like to see where they shop and why they are afraid? It’s a Black thing 97% of the time. Sorry if this is offensive but I live in NYC and I am a Protestant Born-again Christian and we don’t do that type of stuff to anyone!

Who is the anti-Jewish in Congress? And how ?

Globalists use race to divide people and rob them of their rights. They crave this sort of violent result, imo, to create the needed chaos. Let’s not be part of the problem. It’s not the skin color of a person that matters, it is the content of their character, and it is their willingness to live at peace with their fellow man even if their beliefs systems are different. Except that doesn’t work when the belief system involves world domination of your own belief system, and that deception and violence are acceptable means to that end. It doesn’t work when you want to force immoral lifestyles on society, and use the education system to do it.

Excellent video. Thank you :sunny:

What the hell is going tho? Is it really as simple as some people started spreading their rhetoric and more and more people bought into it, which lead to an escalation of violence?

Cuomo has NEVER been great!!!