Jewish Man Reacts to Antisemitic Attacks (LIVE with Jeff Kran, David Wood, & Vocab Malone) 9:00pm ET

We’ve all seen news about anti-Jewish attacks by Islamic terrorists, white supremacists, and Black Hebrew Israelites. David Wood and Vocab Malone are going LIVE at 9:00pm (Eastern Time) to discuss antisemitic attacks with Jeff Kran.

Jeff Kran’s YouTube channel:

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Very good :+1:

Jew, here. I’m watching these vids because I want to learn more about my fellow humans and their religions. I’m a bit confused when David mentions something about a Jew refusing to save a life on the Sabbath. In Judaism, Pikuach Nefesh (refers to passages in Leviticus and Ezekiel) means that the preservation of human life overrides religious rule. It’s a principle that means you must break the religious law if a person’s life is at risk in some situation or event. G-d requires Jews to break the Sabbath to help preserve/save a person’s life. So I’m a bit confused why David mentioned what he did.

Hello,I’m 66 years old. I’ve never,ever understood the hatred toward Jews.

Jesus isn’t Swedish?
Oh no, that changes everything.

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the christian also a spritual israelites

Talmud and Quran are very similar. Lets read Rev 2:9, 3:9, John 8:44.

DW reminds me of Handsome Dan from Wayne’s World. Remember when he was doing the radio spot with Wayne and Garth and just kept saying “mm hm”?

Jews did create Hollywood and that’s turned morals down. I don’t hate Jewish people because my Lord is Jesus Christ and we are supposed 2 love 1 another. The Talmud and the Koran are both bad.

Good that Jeff knows Jesus is the Messiah, the late Chuck Missler put me on some serious Biblical knowledge!

No one should be murdered for a belief! God will bring Justice to these criminals!

i discovered you by accident and knew immediately you were smart. the testimony on the train with plato’s cave was brilliant. i wish you’d do a critical evaluation of the haskalah and its relationship to babylonian talmudic judaism, and then trace the effects of this relationship into 21st century america. EDIT: did jewish people invent the pornography industry? i don’t know, but this might be a good place to start: Unclean Lips: Obscenity and Jews in American Literature by joshua lambert.

1:20:11 this is good information right here!

I’m about to attack these beers. Merry Happy Kuwanzukkah, everyone!

If all Whites reported all attacks as “hate crimes” against Christians, we see how attacks against us far out number those against J.ews.

Can you ask him why they refuse Yeshua gift of SALVATION. Especially with verse John 8:39-44

The Talmud is large. Studying the Talmud for a Jew is like studying the Ante-Nicene Fathers for a Christian or reading all the Hadith for a Muslim. The number of Christians who have read even a substantial proportion of the Ante-Nicene Fathers must be very low. Heck, Anglicans have the 39 Articles, yet how many of them have read either Book of Homilies? I’ve met so-called educated people who think “send them to beds apart” comes from the Bible, and are completely unaware that domestic violence has been condemned by the Anglican church as part of its official doctrine for about the last 450 years. I wonder what proportion of Muslims have read Reliance of the Traveller?

I love Dr Browns hes awesome. Christian out there hate the sin love the sinner tell him/her to REPENT.

How the heck can David Wood, the walking encyclopedia of Islam, Mr. PhD and a religious scholar of one variety or another, ostensibly, have no knowledge–let alone– an understanding of the Talmud?