Jihad Awareness Month (Hat Tip: Barack Obama)

After complaints from Muslim organizations, the Obama Administration is eliminating all counter-Jihad training in the U.S. government.

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

I love your presentation Dr.Dizzle.

Wait until anti-Semitic laws apply to Islam, which was founded by Arabs, who are S(h)emitic.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

Thank you for - u r making a big difference

Hi, Lucifer is Allah and Mohammed is a biblical false prophet…

Hi bro David, it’s a very good information, and GOD has assigned you with a special task of educating the ignorant people of islam and Christianity… GOD bless you…

Obama is no longer president. He is not that old, so he can only spend so much time vacationing and golfing, before he misses POWER! So what is next? Since I am not a psychic, I am going to do some guesstimating. I predict he will try to become Secretary General at the UN. If that doesn’t work, I predict he will believe that he can be the 12th Imam, the Mahdi, the savior of islam. I can see Obama going down into the well in Iran, and staging a big publicity event of his coming out of the well as the 12th imam. Looking forward to see what he will be up to. He certainly bowed down to the Islamic republic over the Iran deal! The least they can do is worship him as their savior! LOL

Its 2017!!!..i might go back to 2012 and see Jessica Mokdad!!!.. (fix any problems while im there!!!)…

Great video!

“Proud tradition of tolerance”? F…k off obamah

The title of this video made me laugh longer than the length of this video.

Obama MUST be a Suni Muslim. It is the only way to explain (1) the fact that he wanted to attack the Shia in Syria and (2) his continuous support for Islam and especially Suni Islam.

Islam will be Obama’s downfall. I completely understand that, as the President of the USA, you ought to be responsible for minorities in your country, and you don’t want a backlash against Muslims; but regardless, the facts are that Islam is a terroristic religion/ideology - and the truth of this religion is being manifested in ISIS.

If these were a small few jihadists who got the quran wrong, then there would have been no problem in sending boots to the ground. But the US knows very well that this is the biggest terrorist organisation in the world that has taken over 2 countries and is expounding.

One day, the USA will face up to what Islam is about, and westernised Muslims. ISIS isn’t going to go away by wishful thinking.

Many of ISIS members are Muslims from European countries.Does this not ring any bells??

Thank you David and Acts 17th…Informative and entertaining and serious.

Great video. I sure hope what Clinton said yesterday helps bring this Muslim in the White House down.

so iran executing gays by hanging them from cranes on the streets of tehran for all to see is christian propaganda? what about christian persecutions? persians had a glorious history till islam took over. How they have a islamic history. see islam doesnt just take over the country, it takes over the entire culture. regarding your comment about foreign-supported takeover, that is the real propaganda. muslims dont need that to hate the west. they just need the koran and hadith

And by “they,” I mean the people in Iran. Specifically, those who do not believe in Islam and want to choose another religion; and also those Christians who are forced to abide by the conditions of Umar.

I also spoke with a female friend who did not want to continue a discussion Islam because she was concerned she would be killed. This tells me that Iran still punishes for apostasy. While I know this is in keeping with Islam and you may say “well that’s the Islamic communities freedom of choice,” people do not have the freedom to choose their own religion, if they are raised Muslim. Therefore they do not have religious freedom.