Jihad Comes to Philadelphia (David Wood)

Edward Archer recently ambushed Police Officer Jesse Hartnett. After being apprehended, Archer proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS and his desire to promote sharia through jihad. Yet Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney insists that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. Can we take the mayor’s comments seriously? David Wood responds.

3:40 Muslims are not really praying 5 times a day; they just recite the Quran, which is a monologue of Allah to Moshammed.

Our leaders are so politically correct. And mohmmadan are taking advantage😡

What if someone offers you a trillion dollars, will you speak for Islam? Has capitalism the power to change you and your religion?

ISIS has told the world that they will include terrorists in with the Syrian refugees. I believed them. The five Muslim countries that refused to accept any Syrian refugees or other Muslim economic migrants, no doubt believed them as well.
Liberal politicians who get all their info from CAIR and the Muslim brotherhood and won’t do any study on islam themselves, they are the first to say this has nothing to do with islam. They are telling Muslims that they know islam better than Muslims. While not all Muslims, Christians and Jews have really studied their own belief systems, having some politician (especially a Muslim one) say they know better about islam than Muslims, has to be a slap in the face. When a jihadist in the US military yells Allah Akbar as he shoots servicemen, and the president says it is a workplace incident, how ignorant is that?

It’s time for a new CRUSADE - Onward Christian Soldiers - Deus Vult!

Qur’an scholar slash mayor of Philadelphia for the past 4 days, Sheikh Jim Kenny :joy::joy::joy::joy:

5:39 what clip?

You are the best .

love your videos David :slight_smile:

Elite use Islam for their personal gain= New World Order. They create fearless islamic terrorist fighters who fight against elite’s enemies like Syria. There’s a huge conspiracy in elite’s owned media to whitewash Islam, because satanist freemason illuminati loves Islam

I love the Billy Madison clip at the end! That warranted a re-watch. Islam is the worst religion ever, and moronic politicians who blindly defend it without even bothering to study it are incompetent.

Hey thanks David. You’re beacon of light mate. Cheers.

The Iron Tautology
Islam is the obsession of a cat chasing its tail, the superstition of a chain letter, the faith of an iron tautology: Mohammed is the messenger of god because he got it from the angel who got it from the book that got it from Allah – as attested to by Mohammed, who got it from the angel who got from the book, and so on and so on forever and ever, amen.

This guy should make some television appearances. Maybe he has already and I’m unaware. I don’t watch tv.


No No No. The Koran must be read in Arabic. In fact it must be read in 7th Century Arabic in the dialect of Mecca. Then it makes … well it makes something.

its terrible and it has absolutely 100% nothing to do with ISLAM, no way no how, no no no, absolutely NOT!

Hahaha, Mr. Wood, go become a woodpecker instead of an apologist. You don’t even know the basic difference between jihad and sharia. Jihad is the fighting of evil and disbelief in ONE’S OWN SELF, not physically with others. Although the Qur’an is obscure, you’re not less a fool than the other preachers, taking it physically. Hahahaha, Sharia is meant for propagating jihad within oneself. Hahaha if one doesn’t understand the basic difference, then not even God himself can save him!

Every Christian watching this video would be Muslim if they happened to be born on a different continent. There is no reason to believe in Jesus before Muhammad. It’s all societal.