Jihadi Circus: Love Notes from the Religion of Peace (David Wood)

Here are my latest love notes from the religion of peace.

May The Lord speadily destroy this evil ideology! by the name of his Son

Such peaceful comments :smiley: God bless you all my friends

you are so awesome David Wood!!!

Keep Rocking Bro :joy::joy::joy:
Support From True Hindu

You seem to be surrounded by oddly educated people. I wonder if that’s what imans teach them, or if they were able to come out with that by themselves…

Acts 17Apologetics David wood you are tougher than Rocky bro.

That’s there father Satan Allah …Lord of Islamic Filth…

Keyboard Jihadis: Providing David Wood with ammunition since 2010-ish.

Before I found this channel I had a lot of ambiguities about Christianity and Islam. Thr first video I watched was:“Where did Jesus said:” I’m a God, worship me!" Too bad you are not my professor. God bless you! Keep going!

Death threats, cursing words and prophanities, hatred, etc… Wow!!! Who can tell me after this that islam is a religion of peace?!
Thank you David for your videos! Keep up this GREAT work to expose the evil!

Brilliant !!!

Allans Snackbar. Serves a nice pork roasted sammy with bacon and pork rinds on the side.

Whalla Whackbar. Good job David.

If david wood died, muslim is the first suspect.

My brother .you must be doing something right. Keep it up GOD Bless you. Piriquitingui.

Waltzing with mohammed …

I pity hypocrites like this bacon cruncher ilsameo

Such a beautiful waltz for such violent comments.

those that wants to kill you are mentally deficient. they are tugs & gangsters like Mohammad…use intimidation to non-muslim.

Mohammad teaches…if the infidels ( non-muslims) don’t accept Islam. Kill them.

That’s one hell of a circus.