Jihadis get triggered

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The burns

Acts17Apologetics for the win.

Yo I couldn’t even read their comments because of the profanity

I haven’t laughed so much in years , I cried from laughter David Wood you are the man !!! You are a soldier of Christ

1:36 The jihadist got double owned by Forescore. Yes yes and Super yes that was great.

Premium-quality entertainment.

2:34 DAVID’S REPLY :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob:

+Acts17Apologetics by any any chance are you a one punch man fan?

Their god is a fake & so is their prophet mahomo. …

Lol the calm music in background just killed it, hahahahhaha

it hurts to go through this stupidity just to be able to help muslims escape the brainwashing. and you helped me do that. love you david and my prays are with you <3

also nice replies lmao


aww poor wittle boi recieved death threats? boo hoo

That’s how we know how peaceful are these followers of the religion of peace.

man these comments are so fckn stupid and they just prove david’s point.

Hello David Wood, first of all I want to say I’m a practicing muslim and I’m familiar with your career , which I don’t support, and goal of destroying Islam and guiding muslims to Christianity. You as an educated Christian with decent religious knowledge shouldn’t be involved in such conversations as ones in the video. Your responses to these people are reasonable as they do nothing but threaten you, but you shouldn’t fall on their mental level. The reason why they talk like this is not because of Islam, unfortunately, it is because of you, David. It is because you constantly mock Islam and, naturally, people get offended. I respect Christians in general and have Christian family members, Christian friends, a lot of them, and it isn’t Christianity that bothers me personally about you it is the way you preach it. If I had to I could list a ton of comments by Christian brothers and sisters on Islamic videos saying the same thing, threatening beheading, nuking, shooting, massacring us ‘sand’ people and ‘uneducated cavemen’ and after that saying 'Turn to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior!" or similar. Please take in consideration if you want to be ‘fair’ you should make a video of Christian brothers and sisters posting the same comments on Islamic videos. No hate :slight_smile:

Big support to David wood from Lebanon , they are keyboard jihadists and david is the truth jihadist , we support you and may god bless you

i guess there Qur’an has no love your enemies verse.

The internet was invented for David Wood Videos! Thank you, David Wood. I now know more information about islam than must muslims.