Jimmy Carter Promotes Sharia for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, recently spoke at the national convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), where he encouraged his listeners to donate to ISNA and to use the “principles of Allah” to bring justice to oppressed people. Of course, ISNA has ties to both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, so we can only wonder where the funds will go. And since Muhammad commanded his followers to oppress women and non-muslims, it isn’t clear how the “principles of Allah” will help anyone except groups like the Islamic State.

And now you have
Wait for it …
Joe Biden !!!

Not being a smarty pants but Jimmy Carter was a trained nuclear physicist. Billy Carter his brother was the penny farmer. Jimmy was raised on a farm but not a bumpkin.

Thank you and God Bless you Dr Wood, you’re Truth is leading many to Jesus Christ. I Was born in the fifties, in my lifetime, The two weakest U.S. presidents were Carter and Obama.

Mr. Carter is senile.

Lol…Bush Jr was the worst President EVER, Sorry :smirk:

Seems idiocy is a prerequisite for presidency. :wink:

Jimmy Carter who denied that Jesus rise from the death…

Funny for such a true bible believing christian to suck up so easily to the Muslims…a.k.a let’s call him what he truly is…a happy foolish submissive Dhimmi!!!Had he been otherwise(meaning a bible believing christian!)he would have been trying to defend and speak out for the mistreatment of Coptic Christians in Egypt…or the many brutally slaughtered Christians in Syria and Iraq etc.

Jimmy Carter the Israel hating Sunday School teacher

Thank you sharing.

Carter IS LOST HELL Bound Soul at this point

Red-Green Axis is what the leftists want to implement.

God bless Dr David Wood :fist::heart:

We need women’s rights!!! Yeah
And we need shariah law in the U.S.!!! Wait what?
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Why, once politicians are out of office and close to death; do they have to stick their 2 cents in? Can’t they just enjoy retirement? How ignorant a statement could’ve been made as this one by Jimmy Carter! I’m sure he meant well or maybe someone nefariously set him up to do this; but why couldn’t someone tell him what Islam is all about and that Allah is not god! He is a useful tool for an insane individual who loves evil!

What about America’s Islamic founding fabric, as Obama said?

As a Christian, you should be honest or at least consistent as the bible is also discriminatory against women as they are to “keep silent in the church and submit to their husbands.” They are often the only ones punished for adultery, and all their property owned before marriage goes to the husband after marriage. True or false?

Nice hair

Jimmy Carter is senile and has no say.