Joe Biden Calls Muhammad "Appalling and Immoral" (David Wood Is Outraged!)

When former Vice President Joe Biden heard that the nation of Brunei was about to begin enforcement of Islamic penalties such as stoning adulterers and homosexuals, did he respond with tolerance and respect? No! Instead, he posted a tweet calling Muhammad and sharia “appalling,” “immoral,” “hateful,” and “inhumane.” Will the Islamophobia never end? Isn’t this the sort of criticism that led to the New Zealand mosque attacks? Should an obvious racist be announcing the Joe Biden 2020 campaign? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Will Twitter ban Joe Biden for his Islamophobic tweet? Note that I was banned for far less: - YouTube

Didn’t mohammed have sexual relations with males? And wasn’t he jumped by tall dark males and returned to his group in pain after her was ridden?

Lmfao “u have 24 hours to decide” ,I decide that Muhammad wud be VERY mad n by allah I wud go allah verga (stoned to death) so with that being said I’m switching to the Book of Mormon!!! :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: actually I’ll have more fun n devotion to god by being a Jehovah witness person n go door to door n never enjoy my birthdate ever again… ahhh that’s to strict I’m going sabbath in which a coffee is bad n Saturday is the holy day… wait how can I work with no coffee!!! Ya I’m going back to allah… fuck I left tho they’re guna kill me for leaving!!! Ionno what to do now!!! Thanks a lot pal, help me and tell me what to do??? Be the new Muhammad!!! The REAL last prophet!!! Yallah habibi

After ALL this is what Islam believes to be the "Final prophecy":thinking:

God has the right to do anything for his creation but does his creation do anything for his God? If MUSSEAH (ESSA SON OF VIRGIN MARY PBUT) returns he will surely find his people (Muslims) who follow his ways as he claims he is The Way. The way MUSSEAH worships God by placing his forehead on the GROUND (Matthew 26:39), he fasts for 40 days (Matthew 4:2), he is circumcised (Luke 2:21), he greets people by saying peace be upon you (John 20:21). Today which people have ALL abovemention practices as MUSSEAH did 2000 years before, which people does MUSSEAH know as his followers (so called jews/ so called christians/ or muslims)? Muslims believes in Moses, MUSSEAH, Abraham and their original books,but why don’t you believe in Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Qoran? The Qoran mentions verses and names related: Moses 139 times, Abraham 69 times, Jesus (Prophet Isa) 23 times and Muhammad 5 times, very badly you accuse the Quran is the words of Muhammad. So,READ.

I FEEL SAD FOR USA FOR CHOOSEN JOE BIDEN AS MR PRESIDENT​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
LUCKILY, THEY HAVE YOU MR. WOOD​:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

2:21 how you know?

Stoning is mentioned in Hadith and Bible. It is not mentioned in the Quran. According to Quran only disbelievers practice stoning.

Adultery messes with your mind. It’s no good

Wat?? MO did the stoning? Wow

Allah’s prayer be upon him and holy Quran wow Dr wood .

Haha Love it David, this should make the news


I AM allergic to Islam

Watching this after a year, Allah’s prayers be upon him still sounds so funny!!!

I mean biden is racist but not for this!

Wait, Joe Biden had 3M Twitter followers in 2019?

Here’s the billy crystal eulogy of Muhammad Ali , no one says it better a Muslim and a Jew called each other brothers. Muhammad Ali was the greatest . Listen to this video and learn a lesson on how we she put our differences aside and love each other as brothers . May god peace be with all men . Amen.

“Muhammad” (Satan-Allah’s prayers be upon him)…