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Anything is better than communist YouTube



I am gradually removing Google from my life.

Brother David: The Rumble app is not available in India at the present time. No indications of when ot would be available. If you move completely to Rumble, we in India would miss you and your videos until the Rumble app is made available to use.


:pensive::pensive: no rumble in indonesia.

Ohhhhrrraahhh ! !

ooo no the persecution rate is decreased I like devid wood videos because I like to count how many Christian’s are persecuted per day :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I am one of those odd ducks who are literally unable to create an account on Rumble or Parler.
Parler and Rumble require you enter a 6-digit code they only send by cellphone text.
What if you do not have a cellphone?. What if you live in a region where you get no signal and therefore can not receive their text message?. That’s me!
I even got in the car and ran down the road to try to find a signal with my cheap little tracfone, but by the time I got back and entered it in, the assholes said the time had run out. And there is no way to contact anyone to tell them of this quandary. Ergo, no Parler and no Rumble for me. Maybe the presumptuous dicks should allow another option…maybe even an automated phone CALL to a land line.

Rumble isn’t in available in play store in India. Pls tell me what to do.

have you ever heard of restream what you do on youtube gets also uploaded to other platforms.

Islam is right about YouTube.

I just downloaded the rumble app, created an account, watched my first video, and the video would not quit playing. It’s just looped over and over. Making me shut down everything just to get it to stop. They really need to fix their bugs.

I didn’t “Subscribe” to you on Rumble. I “followed”.

Can someone help solve my Rumble issue?
I made an account on Rumble with the same name… Lion of Fire… but I can’t find my videos in search under anything…
Does anyone know why?!

All I can find is Lion of Fire when I search “channels”
If I add christian channel to the end of my name it won’t show up!!

Does anyone know how to help me?

ok so you will run into so issues on rumble but you will end up making way more money on rumble. i got monetized in one week on two of my videos. i never got monetized on youtube.

you a marine?

Youtube is COMMUNIST… I’m on Rumble also, let the COMMUNISTS fight with each other here on youtube.

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