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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! :heart_eyes::us:

I already join

God bless you and your family David i grew so much after discovering your channel

I’m gonna miss your testimony video, but I respect and understand your decision on leaving youtube. Take care.

Dizzle 2.0 will not be stopped.

2nd view and 2nd like :innocent:
We are with you Sir

Oh great idea giving away your channel :clap:

I support you all the way!!!

Hatun!! Welcome Bro!!

Can’t believe you’re actually leaving (well actually it’s DW so I can)

Share! Participate! The future of any enterprise is crowdsourcing! Let’s break free of the low IQ wannabe tyrants!

Wow I respect you for giving your channel to hatun. Wow you really are an amazing person. I hope she keeps all the videos infact :heartbeat::pray:

I signed for the newsletter:)

Another Dialy Wire story in the making?

Nice @Acts17Apologetics

We’ll be joining and we’re proud of that!

I am on Odysee. David, I hope to see your videos there. Odysee has notifications like YT and also very user friendly like YT.

I didn’t understand your first and freaked out and started to download all your videos. I have all of your videos and I am going to create a Youtube account with your videos.

A time and a season for everything… wisdom.