Jordan Peterson Destroys Islam in 15 Seconds

In his discussion with Cathy Newman on Channel 4, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson showed that there is no difference between men and women in intelligence. However, Muhammad (the prophet of Islam) claimed that women are far less intelligent than men. Allah confirms Muhammad’s view in the Quran. Do intelligence tests thus prove that Muhammad’s claims were false? David Wood discusses the issue.

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For more on Jordan Peterson and Islam, be sure to watch “Jordan Peterson: Two Differences Between Christianity and Islam”: - YouTube

‏الرسول صلى الله عليه وآه قال النساء شقائق الرجال prophet said the woman’s is the brothers of mans ,
and that mean by value
but the woman responsibility and man are difference depend on there body’s

Please,Delete your satiric pic Muhammad (p.b.u.h) in your video. Be biased and relational.

Ooh :astonished: This is wrong info about Islam. In the Quran there are examples of men vs women disagreements. And they are equal… both have to give 5 testimony of there honesty and that’s all… what this anti Muslim guy is talking about is …one specific time related to a business transaction … two women vs 1 man argument is irrelevant in everything else. So this is not true. Please educate yourself more my good sir :sweat_smile::joy::rofl::smile::smiley::grinning:


Yes because iq is the best metric of intelligence :man_facepalming:t4:

Mohamed was a depraved pedophile seduced by Satan who fooled him disguised as Archangel Gabriel. Islam is the huge rip off.

Does Jordan Peterson knows better than Muhammed ? Huh ? does he

:thinking:بيترسون ذكي وفيلسوف:roll_eyes: لكن اذا كان يريد معرفة الإسلام فسيسلم واذا كان يريد محاربة الإسلام فسيسلم لان مواجهة الاسلام ليست مواجهة المسلمين بل مواجهة الله الله هو الحق ومواجهة الحق اما ان تسلم واما ان تبقى على باطل:smirk::ok_hand:

2:59 lol, i had a friend who was muslim and she was very nice, I have to show her this, lol

Your making up context… not very ethical…

Hey i just wanna say just don’t use figures and cartoons for Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) I don’t care if you like my religion or not but pls don’t do this

David, you used to be an atheist, so I guess you will be able to help me out. I watched the videos of an atheist called "Kool aid ’ on YouTube. This guy almost convinced me that the Bible is full of inconsistencies. Please, help.

Christian more believe and heard what David wood say instead of what their bible and jesus say :joy: thats so funny and sad at the same time. Focusing to spread hate when they say Bible is teaching us about compasion. Bible is right and christian more believe with what David wood say than what Jesus say :joy:

what is David Wood’s IQ? :joy::joy:

You know, im not muslim, but i do understand what he means in this subject

I as a Christian do not accept this act, because I also have Muslim and Hindu brothers and sisters, if you want to avoid other religions, try to think about what you think if your religion is insulted, greetings of tolerance

Fuck Islam this religion is a piece of shit like WTF fuck everything and everyone

Of course there’s no difference in cognitive ability between men and women. But the way that man and woman use their intellects are different. Women prioritize their emotions first while men can ignore their emotions in serious situations. Emotions can go against what your mind is telling you and they can change how you behave. The probability of this happening to women is more than men, so is the probability of their emotions affecting their decisions.