Justin trudeau corrects neil armstrong (it's "peoplekind"!)

As he stepped off the lunar lander onto the moon’s surface, Neil Armstrong famously declared, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, however, prefers the term “peoplekind.”

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Justin Trudeau is the woke left/SJW cabal culture incarnate

What if I identified myself as a cup of tea?

“Man” and “mankind” referred to all humans. The word “woman” came out of wife-man originally, as in the type of human that is there to be a housewife. Seems like “mankind” was already inclusive while “woman” could have been considered discriminating against one type of people.

They seriously going to change it to peoplekind?! Political correctness sucks!

Jesus fucking Christ. Coming from a left leaning Canadian, this guy is fucking ridiculous.
Ruining one of the best quotes of all time by correcting it to “peoplekind” is atrocious.

So he’s making up his own English…

Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, what the hell have you done Trudeau- acting out the moon landing in your Elementary drama class. Your a joke to the world and an embarrassment to Canada.

He’s even worse than I predicted he would be.

It’s mankind

Hate our pm
He ruined our country in so many ways
And as a Canadian Syrian ( Syriac ) I’ve seen the fundamentalist mulisms he’s been embracing and brought in ( for liberal future votes)
We’ve been forced to tip toe around them
He’s a terrorist sympathizer
He’s a disgrace to the Trudeau name

Who is the Wii that he’s talking about he definitely doesn’t represent me that’s for sure. I’m looking to get this tool unseated.

I’m Canadian. I’m embarrassed.

Et la fille voilée qui applaudie… Je ne suis pas certain qu’elle ai compris…

I love it because ‘mankind’ is a derivation of humankind. So why go out of your way to make up a word instead of asking her of just asking her to say an actual word thats just gender neutral. Speech and thought police. Grow up Trudeu.

So we can’t say human anymore we have to say hupeople? This dumb fruit cake needs to go along with his hippies.

Imagine if it was always called “womenkind” and a man in the audience asked the speaker to use a gender-inclusive word like, “peoplekind”. What’s wrong with it?


Trudeau, Neil Armstrong would like a word with you.