Keeping Up with the Jihadis: A Response to the Attack in Kabul, Afghanistan (David Wood)

Terrorist attacks have been so frequent lately that I simply can’t make videos quickly enough to keep up with the jihadis. So, I put together some template videos that I can use again and again as terrorists slaughter their victims. Since there was a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan earlier today, I decided to use one of my templates.

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outstanding as always!

GOD bless u…(.they say its nithing to do with islam) is called taqiyya dont beleive them
Sheikh al azahar in egypt keep say this sentence while alazhar unvirsity bioks teaching that christians and jews aren infidel … and this is why christian Egyptians are gets killed…their daughter kidnaped and obligeded to convert to islam …treated as second degree citizens or even less

Now official THIS is the funniest vid. I laughet my… well, it was fun. Not the deaths of course.

David I know you don’t like Mohammed. But you have to admit he was an extraordinary fellow. No ordinary man can:
Visit 11 wife’s(not to mention slave girls the maid ext)
Fight wars killing unbelievers (no guns, bombs ,tanks the hard way manually with a sward)
Pray five times
Make dinner parties
And finally before bed time have time to write his best seller

No you guys are not getting Islam because :rage::rage::rage::rage::smiling_imp::japanese_ogre:

David, only you can make learning about Jihad fun!

So sad. So true. Sharing.

Template concept was amazing David wood :slight_smile:

This is hilarious!

LOL this title alone! :slight_smile:

As Hitch said…“Religion Poisons Everything.”

This is hilarious

This template idea is beautiful. It just show’s the absurdity of the situation we find ourselves in, the islam apologists and our pathetic leaders in the western world for allowing this to happen.

Thanks for your efforts, and persevering through the hate!


Hi David…huge fan of yours. your videos are great and logical.keep up the good work. U know you are censored awesome. one thing that’s been crossing my mind is that the real problem is the ideology of Islam, so if you could do a video stressing on this point, that would be great. I mean something like Muslims being brainwashed from childhood etc. I recently started reading the quran and noticed one thing that almost every verse says allah is great, allah is powerful and a punished, this basically establishes a fear in the subconscious mind of the reader and by the time they reach some violent chapters they just dont have much choice than to follow it cos of the fear in their subconscious mind which they may not be aware of…thanks. Again keep up with the good work. Peace.

In a upside down world Islam is still a peaceful religion. Thank you David for educating us all. :confused:

your channel helps islam diffusion instead of fighting it because you make the people who do not know any thing about islam to read it. islam’s reputation after september 11 was bad in your communities but many western people converted to islam because september 11 teach them what is the islam. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you to help us to teach non moslem our religion

LOL! This is great!