Keyboard Jihadis Blow Up My Channel!

Thousands of people launched a campaign to get my channel shut down, which led to hundreds of thousands of new viewers coming to my channel! If my channel survives the day, new records may be set!


If I somehow survive the day without getting banned, I’ll be LIVE with Robert Spencer at 8:00pm (ET), discussing “This Week in Jihad.” Here’s the link: - YouTube


Dear David we are with against Jihadist …we dont let them to do anything …We are the soldiers of Jesus …We know how to deal with dirty Jihadist …


I‘m a Muslim but I kind of like Mr. Wood, I know he‘s very intelligent but his lies has been exposed many times. I understand his point he believes Christianity is true and wants to prove other religions wrong… understandable

Not to mention that when they make themselves known in the comment section. Christians can do God’s desire for us by praying for them. It’s a win-win situation.

They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good. Congrats on your new wave of followers David.

Yesss they’re spreading Jesus

You need to see the indo-malay channels for Christian Prince, they perhaps get the biggest hits. Indonesia is the goldmine for our target audience. You too should do more to help and share the indo subtitles channels who upload your videos; form a gang or website(s) with Indo malay articles and sources about the love of God, truth and Jesus, and Mo.

The holy ghost works in mysterious ways

They will see the truth about Islam talk about bring a sword!!
This will bring people to Jesus.
Amen :pray:

Today im just post video about pines on cp video talk about what islam is at titok sudenly after one hour… that video got bending because… it to sexity video… to the human… after that i post it agen… n will do repitly…

Blasphemy I tell you

Damn lol at the title :smiley:

God will see to set you straight fake xtian

Jesus Loves You so much He died For You To be forgiven of your sins :pray:t5:.

The old America. I don’t agree with you, but you have a right to your opinion. The new America. If you don’t hold the same opinion as me, you have no right to express it! Fascists, Communists, and religious fanatics all share this view.

Yes because of some post I get to know about this channel before watching your videos I was muslim and alhamdulillah after watching your videos I’m still a muslim + imaan got boost up ! Thank you

How’s ur dad?