Kimia Alizadeh, Iran's Only Female Olympic Medalist, Defects to Europe

Kimia Alizadeh is the only woman in the history of Iran to win an Olympic medal (she won a bronze medal in taekwondo at the 2016 Rio Olympics). Because she wears a hijab while competing and represents a Muslim country, Alizadeh has been used as an example to show that Islam empowers Muslim women. Ironically, Alizadeh just defected to Europe in order to escape oppression.

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I agree with you but also Christianity is a load of rubbish too, make that all organized religion

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This lady is telling it like it is…good for her.

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who is more intelligent than a woman wearing a hijab?

because God said it in both the bible and the Quran and a couple of years ago the nuns in the church had to wear it
you know that the bible says the woman must cover her head or shave it off?
do you know how mary the mother of Jesus dressed? do you think she wore a g string or bikinis like you guys?
do you think she was raped on the streets like you Christians?
the Quran 38:59 says the hijab prevents women from being molested let me give an example. if two sisters who are both twins identically and they are both very beautiful they are walking down the streets and one of them is wearing the western dress and the other is dressed as God told her (hijab) and then there is a guy a ruffian a rapist who is waiting for a catch or waiting to tease a girl so which girl will he tease the girl with the western dress or the one with the hijab that God told her to wear? he will definitely tease the one with the western dress or bikini or g string or whatever you call it and presumably rape her and that’s why most of the non-Muslim countries women is raped in the streets like your country David wood(USA) where woman is raped every 73 seconds (research this google it right now) so God rightly said that the woman covering her head is protecting her self and if your woman is raped on the streets I ain’t blaming you for that because it’s your religion that you can rape and wear bikini and commit any kind of evil and still your heaven is guaranteed (cuz Christ died for your sins)

and question for the women that think they are intelligent because they are not wearing hijab?
why do your men advertise you everywhere whether its sports stuff, cars, tv shows? why are you always out there in every advertisement with your bikinis and g strings? why not the men? why you, come on think about this? I think that’s why you are getting raped in the streets and not the men cuz you are for sale

as Muslims women are our mothers, our sisters our daughters they are our aunts so they have to be loved, respected and cherished and not for sale so we don’t advertise them

Now in Germany, she goes from one muslim country to another

Stop talking nonsense I am Muslim and I don’t do that to my wife stop talking about something that you don’t know🤣

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There are many women that are just as smart as men, and some that are even smarter than many men. One of the biggest differences between women and men, is that women use their brains to persuade people to get what they want and more men tend to just take what they want… This however has been changing lately here in the USA with more violence from all different people. It takes brains and cunning to be able to convince someone that it is their idea for them to do something for you. Perhaps Mohammad was not observant enough to even see this.
What I don’t get is why some women think they are better off always ruling from the bottom, and why any of them are better off being Muslim than in some other faith that sees men and women as equal or at least more equal than with Islam.

Liberal is more of a threat to global peace than Islam…I’m Christian.

There are theories that women destroy society. It is good that Mr. Wood showed how Muslim women would benefit if they left Islam. Once the women leave, the men have to follow or face extinction. Christianity is a better and more fun religion for women because it is a religion of love and socializing. Mr. Wood should play some good Christian music in his video to make his message stronger.