Muslim apologists have ordered a swarm of viewers to flag my videos as hate speech, and it’s working. YouTube has started removing my videos as hate speech, and Twitter has permanently banned me. It’s time to take things in a different direction.

Note: This was an April Fools’ prank. For those who fell for it, shame on you for thinking that anything apart from beheading could keep me from posting videos!

This isn’t a April Fool’s, it’s actually a prophesy. Don’t tell me it’s not going this way.

Write those books, dude! But I’m very glad this was an April Fools prank. Your sense of humour is frequently brilliant, but on this occasion slightly opaque. So glad it was in fact a prank.

You have literally taken your Psychopathic delusional to the whole another level. The only thing you can pass to next generation is the gas from your anus. Even your audience know that your whole attitude and self esteem crumbles to dust when you are debating with a Muslim. I had recently seen one of your old videos where you ever boosting about yourself that you were going to Speakers’Corner but when Mansur Ahmed showed up you shit in your pants and didn’t debate with. Seriously how many times you are going to embrace yourself in front of the public.
You are better at staying in home hiding behind a camera, shitting from your mouth while wearing your wife’s Nighty.

Very glad to hear this was a joke, your videos are great. Thank you for what you do.

I got a “Learn Islam” ad before your video.


You were destroyed by muhmmad hijap you loser :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Because you are telling truth the truth
David. You are brilliant and smart and you are amazing.

Yes or yes ! David Wood always be my Hero for spread the truth

Where can I get a copy of the Quran and Hadiths in English that have not been watered down?

I have been had

If you could upload your videos to torrent or other file sharing platforms so others can download and share your videos , that would be one way for your followers to keep watching your videos and sharing with the rest of the muslim world.

I want you to be well funded to figure out ways to make Muslims abandon Islam like the plague! We should find ways to secretly distribute or air drop Islamic criticism comic strips all over mecca for example. Take the ideological criticism beyond the internet into the real world’s public arena where it can’t be censored. It’s membership will dwindle when publicly scrutinized with full exposure to unfettered criticism. Hit Islamic ideology where it hurts.

Is YouTube also Islamic, like twitter

A psychopath got banned for bad behavior? Lol.

Islam is antisemitic, so let’s flag them for hate speech. Simples

Got me… :clap:

"No one is more hated than a man who speak the truth "

Mohamed was an April’s fool joke…