LATE NIGHT LIVE with David Wood, Vocab Malone, and Whaddo You Meme?! (1:00am Eastern Time)

David Wood, Vocab Malone, and Whaddo You Meme?? (Jon McCray) will be LIVE late tonight at 1:00am (Eastern Time). We’ll discuss YouTube banning the latest episode of the Boom-Boom Room, our trip to San Diego for the EPS/ETS annual conference, and our latest encounter with the Hebrew Israelites!

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I will gladly support any brother who wants to destroy the kabba

Don’t worry, your videos are safe. I have downloaded all your videos… lol

night time show is nice

Hey David Acts17Apologetics - can U tell @Vocab that his beard looks great :heart::latin_cross::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Christiniaty is going to be finished soon. Noahide laws are coming to replace christiniaty. All the troller will go down to hell with David Wood. The Vatican papacy already announced their UN agenda 2030 for gender equality. Be ready for Zionism impacts.

cl edward convert to budha from alah the moon god

Do not mock with racist groups, do not mock with MohamMAD and his ideas! So WHAT You Tube?!?! Do you defending racism, to the massacre, plunder, genocide of people and cultures? What a democratic platform!! 100% Halal Tube mashaAl-Lah!!!

Woooooaaaaahhhhhhh!!! How do you just come up with rhymes on the fly like that!!!???

David should put a link to his Bitchute channel on his YouTube videos so more people will subscribe to it.

Do people not realize that most of America’s higher learning institutions are now far left indoctrination centers?? The far left indoctrination began in the elitist Ivy League schools early in the 20 century and increased continually for decades until the 60’s when the country was reaping a bumper crop of far left activists that were infiltrating every branch of government and every part of the economic sector.

The supremely far left court cases of the 60’s and 70’s concerning prayer and Bible reading in schools were never actually about the two minute prayer and scripture reading at the start of every public school day. Those cases were always about opening the doors of the Christian founded American educational system to far left activist academics that would go in and completely destroy the once great American educational system. Up until the 70’s and 80’s the American educational system was ranked as the best in the free world. Today it is ranked 35th behind schools in some third world countries that were, of course, founded by Christian missionaries.
After WWI the western powers knew the horrors of fundamentalist Islam. A westernization program was instituted within the new nation states created by the west in the area of the former Ottoman Empire. No one who practiced sharia was allowed to immigrate to the west. No sharia practicing country was allowed into the UN UNTIL the leftist takeover of the US government and economic system during the 60’s. The westernization program that was in place in those Middle Easter countries was then turned into a destabilization program. All of those new nation states created by the western powers after WWI have since been handed back to the fundamentalist Muslims by the leftist/globalists pocket politicians of the USA. Today instead of forbidding sharia we are now instructed to bow to fundamentalist Islam.
The USA has endured a leftist takeover and does not even seem to realize it! Every day all the things that were once considered to be anti American are becoming mainstream. The globalists who funneled millions upon millions of American jobs to communist China have become astronomically rich and have bought out the major stock options of the mainstream media corporations. They buy influence in the higher education institutions. They own over 60% of the American economy.

The former Soviet Union censored everything. Today’s communist China censors everything. The leftists of the west are moving to censor everything.

What? Communion doesn’t save you or give you the Holy Ghost. Jesus said do this in remembrance of me. That’s it.

Never make anyone else’ channel get banned. Im merry from indonesia.

Great seeing you David. God bless you and family. NZ Wellington Porirua loves you all. God bless

Awe… What your Phoenix… That’s my home… Hope they treating you good.

Hey! X

I can see passing some small hick town that’s like a gas station… but passing Phoenix? LOL!

Have you considered an app?

Vocab stick with rap haha