Leaving Islam: Volume Three (David Wood)

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While it’s still common for Muslims to insist that no one leaves Islam, reality tells a completely different story. Muslims are leaving Islam in droves. In this video, David Wood goes through ten brief testimonies of former Muslims.

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Don’t be downhearted if you become a Christian, and are living in oppressive conditions. Rather rejoice because your place in heaven is assured. The rest of us will proclaim Jesus the Messiah to whoever will listen.

I have seen few of your video. Your video for most part just implies hatted towards Islam.
Not love towards Christianity

Most of those so called Christians are not real Christians anyway. They have strayed so far from the original church that Christ made that they make up their own fake theology. So many fake denominations in western Christianity ran by money grubbing, power hungry, and most in the pocket of politicians and government. Ya so of course they say that they have the correct translation yet they can’t read Hebrew or Greek. They are in it for cash and power, I pray that their hearts are softened and they wake up to the truth.

Thank you David, I have a Muslim friend and your videos are so informative and helpful they will help me to better approach him and help him open his eyes to the truth! God Bless you brother! With :purple_heart:

Pelanty of leaving Cristian is death, right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is 4 years ago hopefully others will come In the year 2025 to see this video should Christ tarries

" I’m saying this in…( pause)…love " just hit different

Guess what Jesus Christ say to the hypocrite (The Pharisee) Our Lord Rebuke them exposed them thier agenda and Lie. The hypocrisy of the Pharisees can’t stand what our Lord say and can’t wait a second to kill our lord out of anger and hatred. That what we as the Church must do. Tell the truth even it Kill Us. Our kingdom not on this Sinful World. You never promise to have Good life as christian. But blessings, joy, peace is sure by The Lord

Every creed/ideology should be ridiculed, how else can we test the truth or the idea that it teach/preach

We all need to tell zakir naik that the debate between him and David will bring in way more than 10,000 people. I would take a bus to that show and so would many many more.

Thank you… yes i tend to be use very gentle approach, I really need to learn to expose Islam.

I think it’s more of the irrefutable evidence you provided from their own source that converted them out of Islam. Almost all of them claimed to have watched several of your videos which leads me to this conclusion.

Also Jesus did not convert the Pharisees by calling them names or mocking them.

Regardless, God is working through you and I praise the most high for using you to reach Muslims. You have taught me a lot about Islam.

If you ridicule someone untruthfully that is the spirit of contention. Contention will include an exaggeration or lack of truth and creates strife instead of reconciliation by telling the truth.

Dear X-Muslims Christians you’ll be the first one to be in heaven which Jesus said in the scriptures Matthew 20:16…and David wood will be praise…Hallelujah…:+1::pray:

Stick to painting pictures bob ross

David Wood, your studies and videos are adding to the most powerful team in history, team Jesus! My rabbi is a master and humble hero. We are fighting on the side of the proper choice. Make sure you live praying for the lost to be found. I pray for the hurt and lost often. God bless all who read this. Tell me how much Jesus means to you in a reply!

Holy Spirit for the win again :joy::heart::pray:t4::man_bowing:t4: Thank God and God Bless Dr. David Wood

David you are the best. God bless and protect u

Stay strong in Christ my dear brother