Leftists Fight Back (Against the Cancel Culture They Created)

A number of educators, writers, and journalists recently signed a letter titled, “A Letter on Justice and Open Debate.” The letter is a strong rebuke against “cancel culture.” But can the same people who created cancel culture undermine the movement they once promoted, by writing a letter in Harper’s Magazine? David Wood discusses the issue.

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So, do you think the letter will slow down “cancel culture”?

The problem isn’t the Left, the problem is mobs. Right wing mobs are also unthinking monsters. We saw that on January 6.

The comparison of “cancel culture” and a Hollywood monster is hilarious, and apt on SO many levels.

Came back to bite them on the but

Frankenstein monster… the Golem… HAL-900… T-Rex and velociraptors at Jurassic Park… we create irresponsibly, and we destroy ourselves in the process. The classic Greek tragedy is that mere men get too daring, take on the attributes of gods, and succumb to their foolishness and vulnerabilities.

They are trying to do the right thing here. I don’t think they should be criticized for that.

Remember when Mao killed the intellectuals. Yeah this gonna happen again.

Listening to this after the cancel culture drove Mike Adams to suicide.

How many thousand years do you want to look at to see this pattern repeated over and over and over again? The French Revolution? How about the many people who allied with Cortez to overthrow the mighty Aztec Empire? Didn’t know that Cortez wasn’t able to conquer the Aztecs with only a few Spaniards? That without hundreds of thousands of allies Cortez would be a forgotten corpse? Guess what happened to Cortez’s allies after the Aztec Empire was dissolved.

This is why these people look and act like the woke zombies

Veritas Invictus!

“Young fools… only now, at the end, do you understand.”

i love your content. love from India

If only Dr Frankenstein had delivered a lengthy and well thought out argument to his monster. No doubt, that would have ended the destruction.

subtitles please!

I appreciate your willingness to speak on a variety of issues David, bringing attention to the source material and clearly showing your own perspective. You endure persecution for providing a dialogue for the Muslim and Christian faith, and I thank you for your service brother. My issue, however, is with some videos like these. Your intent seems to be to call attention to actions like these and begin a conversation, but the argument is polarized, attacking the other. Christ calls us to love our neighbour, to love God with our thoughts, will, and ‘muchness’. In what way does this accomplish that? In what way are you building up your neighbour? In what way are you calling others to be closer to God? How does this align with Micah 6:8 - are you seeking after justice, being merciful and humble? Is this built on proverbs - are you assuming (or otherwise instructing in) wisdom such that others will gain instruction?

David, Speaking of monster creation - don’t forget to mention Al Qaeda! The original Islamic jihadi army that the CIA created to kill Commies in Afghanistan.
The jihadists were indeed very effective. But having defeated the Commies (and probably precipitated the fall of the Soviet Union) they were on a roll, and the next target was their very creator.
No not Allah.
The USA.

Hypocrisy is one possibility, but another possibility is that there are some leftists who think the American left has gone too far. Is it not incredible that they want to reign back any further moves to the periphery?
I am not American, but I am a Christian leftist, strictly in that order. Not all political views held on the left are contrary to a Christian life.
For instance, I believe strongly that when we see a hungry man, we should give him food or shelter; when we know someone is in gaol, we should visit him. I believe that if we want to be perfect, we should give all we have to the poor. I believe that rich oppressors should tremble and be afraid of the wrongs they have inflicted on the poor, because their “wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten (their) clothes.”

The leftists dug themselves a hole so deep, even their tallest ladder can’t reach high enough to undo their mistake. There’s no delete button for the misguided decisions we make in life.