Linda Sarsour: Puppet of Siraj Wahhaj

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Linda Sarsour is under fire again, this time for her comments about confronting oppressors (i.e. Donald Trump and his supporters). However, her speech contains clues about her overall role interaction between Islam and the West. When we learn that her mentor is Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Linda begins to look more and more like Wahhaj’s puppet.

Allah’s word is Jesus


Thank you David

This is always the way of useful idiots they help overthrow the current regime theirs comes in, then they’re the first to be purged because they are no longer useful just idiots

Facist, white supremacist and islamaphobes reigning in the white house ? Someone needs to get this girl a history book, a Facist wouldn’t exactly put up with someone like her.

That littul cockroach?!?!?

Linda is a better human being than you she speaks the truth not like you and your fellow crusaders your nation has committed war crimes on false pretences you are just like your government full of lyes why don’t you speak about your bible like Samuel 15:3 kill children and infants animals for their fathers crimes and maybe the muslims should unit together to protect themselves from your criminal government and it’s allies

They are all puppets of mohammed, even allah is a puppet of mohammed.

Think David must have taken a religious vow with that haircut😂

Lmao… that “speaking words of wisdommm, death to americaaaa”

What kind of shtrugglesh does she want us to engage in?

Islam is an ideology of hate , it is a very Dangerous ideology.

Your god is out of his mind. Gods are a very dumb thing.

They’re ungrateful creatures. The country gave them asylum, they come here for food and freedom they attack the country they sheltered them.

Linda please go to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia

I don’t know what your agenda is but you are clearly woefully uninformed

Somehow Lenins quote regarding usefull Idiots comes up in my Mind.

Freedom doesn’t mean or include hate speech. She is trying her level best to spread hatred and enmity between different communities living together in America. Ok, if she like Sharia Law so much why Muslims are leaving their Sharia rule countries and seek asylum to western countries? It’s time to act for Christians in America and to condemn extremely communal persons like her.

Yes Let It Be