Live Discussion of "ISLAMICIZE ME" and "unISLAMICIZE ME"

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I’ll be going live at 4:00pm to discuss “Islamicize Me” and our 10-day live series called “UnIslamicize Me.”

I’m live with Vocab and Jon on Vocab’s channel. Here’s the link: unISLAMICIZE ME #1 Resurrection of Christ - David Wood, Vocab Malone, Jon McCray, Sam Shamoun - YouTube

Why not do a 30 day Christianize me challenge to show the comparison? Christian beliefs can be tested about like a scientific experiment.

I am reminded of Philippians 1:14-19. In the passage Paul speaks of motives for preaching the Gospel and concludes that as long as it is preached, motives don’t really matter. To me this is somewhat similar. The motive is to get Muslims to leave their false religion, god and prophet. If this is an effective way to do it, go for it!!! Who cares if people are offended. Millions of folk are going to a Christless eternity while those who are offended pontificate and judge. These men are fearless and bold. God give them increase upon increase. This series has a purpose and therefore has validity.

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How did I miss this video?:laughing:
I have watched pretty much all David ‘s videos . Love it.
God bless :fist::heart:

I’ve read a number of books on Muhammad, but, in my opinion, the best is F. W. Burleigh’s “It’s All about Muhammad.” For anyone who wants to learn more about Muhammad, this is the book to begin with. It has 48 pages of endnotes, so it is well documented. For youtube videos on Islam, I would recommend Jay Smith.

David is the more penetrating debater against Islam than James White.

David great video series. Are you going to address James White critiquing your islamasize me series? He has put a few videos on you tube criticizing you and your work for exposing islam and some of your muslim detractors use his videos for reference to try and debunk you. Please school these fools. :facepunch:t5: God Bless.

Written out of order… Just like the Quran…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello David, I have been following your channel recently, unfortunately not too many people in my country (Indonesia) would understand your videos due to language barrier. Any chance to have Indonesian version or subtitle, especially with the Islamicize me series. I think that will cause some anger but same time also saves lots of spiritual life of many, and also opened the eyes of hypocrites.

David, actually you have to be properly christianised. I can do that for you. Just look at teh gospels and all post-Jesus false man-made absurd doctrines. If you can discard all post-Jesus fabrications, you will be truly christianised. Right now, you are a pagan!

Wrote the following on Dr. James White’s youtube:

Thank you very much, James.

First I would like to say that Robert Spencer, Sam Shamoun, David Wood and Christian Prince are ignorant and pompous fools.

My apologies for saying this but this is what I concluded about those men. What many anti-Islam polemicists do not really know is that Hadith is simply a collection of tales and narrations and it is not a scripture of Islam.

Also, Hadith is not obligatory on Muslims. Qur’aan is the only Scripture of Islam and Hadith should be scrutinised under the light and shade of Qur’aan. If a Hadith does not stand correct under the scrutiny of Qur’aan, it has to be rejected and discarded.

All the scholars have classified Hadith as right, correct, authentic, not reliable, incorrect, untrustworthy, defective, no chain of narrators, etc. If every Hadith were true, they would not have classified so. Right?

Also, many ahaadith (plural of hadith) came through Israeliyaat ( narrations from pagans, Christians and Jews) and many entered the books.

Please note that there is no Hadith collection done by Arabs. Bukhari, Dawood, Muslim, Ibne Ma’aja, Tabari and others were all tale-collectors from Central Asia. None of them was an Arab.

Those men came two hundred plus years after the Prophet had passed away and their collections were not even available in public domain for another few hundred years.

It is very easy to demolish and debunk ahaadith under the scrutiny of Qur’aan. I think polemicists like David Wood, Robert Spencer, Sam Shamoun, Christian Prince and Robert Morey read Hadith more than Muslims, who do not even read it and do not keep any collections at home.


You sounds fine brother

Regarding the James White response at around 1:02:32, and if anyone already addressed this my apologies:

The issue is not a general principle of second-hand knowledge is not admissible in the interaction around Islamacize me and James White’s disapproval of it. To present it as such is a straw man. That is part of the concern with having listened to both the earlier live stream with the three of you, and James White’s criticisms. His criticisms were not accurately presented, and so the responses did not address them. Theoretically, had you engaged with his criticisms directly, you would have had a better understanding of them, and been able to address the actual criticisms rather than an erroneous representation of them.

It seems like “a very odd rule” because it would be a very odd rule and is not the principle under which White is operating.

Not knowing whether you did see James White’s statements about that, I don’t know whether your response here is a defeater of my “theoretically” or if it is confirmation that utilizing secondary sources in this type of interaction is not wise because it results in talking past one another.

To provide some context:
I haven’t watched Islamicize me.
I’m not a James White fan. This Islamicize Me conflict is what introduced me to Alpha and Omega ministries.
I have watched his initial video, your live stream, his response, this video, and his response to this video as well as one of Jon’s responses.
I may not be able to address the accuracy of his accusations (not having seen Islamicize Me) but I can state that Jon’s characterizations of White’s criticisms were not accurate. That is similar to your response to this criticism from him. You are responding to something other than what he presented as a criticism.

Hire a translator to all language of all continents so many get watch

I love how the followers of the religion actually believe they have proof they are right.

Hi, I have a question about the allegations you talked about,
You say that Allah is the one to blame for deceiving people about the crucification of Jesus, well I can say the same thing to Jesus by making question:why Jesus did not go to jews and romans after the he got rised up from his grave , but instead he just went up without telling them the truth, aren’t going to call that deceiving the people،even his friends couldn’t recognize him

Hello David, as I don’t use Twitter I was hoping that I could ask you a question here. Let us say for the sake of argument that mankind has never encountered an extra terrestrial species before ( although there is “evidence” to say we have). I was wondering, if we did encounter an intelligent alien species in the near future and they were so far in advance of us that had we not yet reached our current levels of technology we might believe they were magical or supernatural beings. However given that we have reached a sufficient level of technology then we can see these are beings like us…but far more advanced. If they told us that it was in fact them that interceded in our evolution and indeed it was them who constructed a belief system that we could follow in order for our race to grow and develop, these contacts included the “laws” on how to live, commandments and contract with “prophets”. Would you believe them, if they offered irrefutable evidence of there involvement with our species development or would you believe they were demons?