LIVE from Tel Aviv, Israel! (Bobby Conway and David Wood)

I’ll be LIVE with Bobby Conway (the One Minute Apologist) at 5:00pm (Eastern Time). We’ll be broadcasting LIVE from Tel Aviv, Israel!

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We had some Internet problems towards the beginning (since we’re in a hotel with a weak connection). But things got better once I lowered the resolution!

I’m enjoying these so much as they show up in my feed. David PLEASE be careful!! You’ve got a family to think about dear.


That man.
Has a face.

Dw great teacher worlds

You did well owning up David. They can’t successfully use it against you now

God bless you both!

Why didn’t you tell all crap to that arab guy near the mosque ? He would teach you little about Islam.

I have a suggestion with concerns to the atheist who doesn’t need an angry and jealous God.

Point out that he has a flawed understanding of Who God is and what being angry and jealous means.
That it is not a sin to be angry, if you love good things you’ll be angry at evil things or things that hurt the good things.
Or that jealousy is not evil, but a natural feeling to feel which shows you love someone and are feeling betrayed.
Because “angry” and “jealousy” have a bad connotation in our culture, some people think these are purely evil traits. (But, yes, any good traits can be used for good or evil.)
Show how God is not evil, but good, merciful, loving, just.

Because that’s seems to be the main issue with him, not necessarily that God doesn’t exists.
That or he’s just using that as an excuse so he doesn’t have to obey God.

And Bobby and David also brought out an important point: pray for him that God should open the heart and mind.

I think the key with the gentleness/mocking approach is you should always consider you’re not doing it just to hurt or antagonize people.
You should always put to heart whether you’re mocking false beliefs or sharing the truth in “kindness”, that you’re doing it to help people to get to the Truth, and that they understand that you do it because you care about people.

Even if you speak the languages of angels, but have not love you are as a noise.
Our motivations and our heart speaks volumes to people, whether we’re aware of it or not.

God bless you. You are doing a great mission.

Don’t tell movie st firehouse

Always like to see you David Wood.

The internet BEST psycopath by far! Listen an learn!

I do have to be strong with clients with addiction problems sometimes when I do addiction counseling.

Jerkatude! I :rofl::rofl:

YESHUA AL MASIAH Bless you all from Indonesia

You’re not allowed to proselytize in Israel, so that’s a kind of small restriction. Otherwise, there is free speech.

Regarding not losing fotage; when you record in a place like that (around the Mosque) you should stream it live to a server that you own yourself so that it is physically impossible for anyone to steal the footage.