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David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics), Jon McCray (Whaddo You Meme??), and Adam Coleman (Tru-ID Apologetics) will be LIVE to chat with YOU during the Coronavirus quarantine! Talk to you tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)!

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whats your take on Deuteronomy 21:22-23?

I liked the energy here. Good stuff. Would definitely like to see you all do a podcast again. Once the social distancing stuff goes away you should all get to the same studio.

Corona Virus is a pun ishment of God to chr istians

Isla m is the only true reli gion on earth … that’s why Is lam is the fastest growing reli gion on earth … despite tons of ha te , slan der, Ki lling, destru ction on mus lims by j ealous chris tians + jewis h +Hid nu+Communi sts +Bud dhists he he he he

You guys really should do a “Christianize me” series showing three Muslims converting to Christianity where they learn how much more loving Christianity is over Islam.

ha ha LOL… jihadis water!

A whole lot of rhetoric going nowhere!

God’s ways are higher than our ways. Maybe He is keeping Randy in prison so Randy could bring more people to know Christ. Just as He did with Dr. Hovind. Still, I’m going to pray for Randy’s safety and release. God’s timing is perfect.

If Dr. Kent Hovind is considered an apologist, I think he is the first full time apologist…except for YouTube maybe. I miss him traveling doing his seminars on creation like he did back in 1990s and 2000s.

Hi there since corona virus started iv bn off work and very bored until I came across all this stuff on YouTube! Thank god! Other people talking about the stuff iv been trying to say for years and been shut down immediately, how do I find out when these live shows are on and where etc?? :pray:t3: cheers xx

Hi David Wood and your Arabic language experts teams , could you please read shortest 3 line Soura Al Kusour, I think , It is about city Kushur and about Gazwa e hind , by a nahir ( small river) in Punjab. It was very rich city, full of gold and diamonds, milk and honey and beautiful girls, founded by Raja Ram son Kush, in Iron Age ( 3 thousands years ago) .
Raja Kush was a war lard, and his brother Raja Lah founded city Lahore by River Ravi, Lahore is called Janatul Firdouce in Arabic language Quran.
Quran tell us about 2 heavens, “And there are 2, more very green gardens, with low hanging fruits and beautiful girls are waiting for you beside running water. “
I found this information also in Google, about 3 thousands years ago, in Iron Age. These two cities were founded by One of the biggest Raja Rama Two sons lava and Kusha.
Both Lah and Kush also conquered Israel and Jordan :jordan: ( According to Quran city Bakka, it is also known as City Petra, Jordan) , Canadian Respected researcher Dan Gibson did 40 years from research, and found out old Bakka city where Mohammad was born was in City Patra, Jordan :jordan:.
Today’s Makka in Saudi Arabia was made long after death of Mohammad ,
Do you know what is black stone in Kabba wall?
It is same size and colour idol we can see in any Hindu temple in India. And it is idol of Raja Lah who is the Lah in Arabic so is became Al- Lah = Allah.
Quran also tell you Allah given Iron. Because Raja Lah was in Iron trade too. Raja Lah hell was just like older days Iron refinery.
Quran tell us raja Lah told his commandments to all Nation on the way to Bakka, and he is tell you in your language so you won’t make excuses that you were not told in your language.
Raja Lah was one , strong, Rehman, Raheem, big , had hands, had shanks, he had army commanders ( angels) ,
He made gardens in 6 seasons by river Ravi and stay in his big boat in water , and he attributed his gardens to his favourite wife Rani Firdouce, that is why Quran called it Janatul Firdouce means, gardens of Firdouce.
We have lots of information available about both brothers , by history of Europe by many Historical facts. Like there was a warriors nation Kush in Europe, and Israel was called alah and there is port name is after raja Lah . We so many temples and Lingam in that area from older found cities.
Out of 360 idols in Kabba at the of Mohammad, most are Indian/ Pakistan/ Sirilanka older time Rajas Abd used as Bhagwans in temples and holy names.
Mohammad ‘s father name Abdullah means in Urdu, Lah ka pugari.
If you have any questions, please ask me.

Jesus is coming. Are you ready?

When are you going to start your debate videos with AP?

Ummm, a man shall not wear a women’s garment, Deuteronomy 22:5? I really like David, but I think there was a blind spot with that wearing the dress.

Sorry this question is out of the realm of your live cast but I must ask. ? Was that you (David Wood) in the audience of a Princeton seminar of Ravi Zacharius about 6 years ago? Or that guy next to the guy who asked Ravi his last question is your doppelgänger!

The just shall live by faith John you’re good

Hey David i am a hindu from India ,converted to Christianity :latin_cross:,i see u have fun blasting islam but i have a very serious question for u ,Hinduism says there is only one god as per the vedas,also as per islam now in Christianity we have holy trinity who is the final one god here jesus or the heavenly father or the holy spirit ?,please don’t tell me that they all are one god ,that can’t be possible if all the holy trinity have 3 different functions !! Please help me with this serious query ?

I’ll take the camera