Live Interview about Debate Tonight (10:00pm Eastern Time)

I’ll be live on Vocab Malone’s channel at 10:00pm (Eastern Time) discussing my recent debate with Mohammed Hijab. Here’s the link: DAVID WOOD Post-Debate Interview | EXCLUSIVE - YouTube

He lost against Muhammad hijab

R.I.P Google Wood 2018
He gave his life for your sins
Cause of Death- Destroyed by Muhammad Hijab…

In the debate i saw that David wood didn’t know very well about islam, his perspective & knoledge about islam are very poor, weak, & full of hatred. I advise you to learn more about islam (in honest way) to open your mind & your hearth. So that you aware that islam is not as you think.
Islam is رحمةللعالمين

David Wood is possibly the biggest loser on the face of the earth, he knows nothing about anything I don’t know how people follow and listen to This guy

Bro, you got schooled in the debate. I bet a lot of people left your version of polytheistic trinitarianism for monotheism of Islam after that!

David you won because the snake lied on many things as a snake does there religion is crumbling

0:23 Don’t call it a debate.Call it a humiliation

You done well against the islamic thugs, this was without doubt a fantastic exposure of islam and muslim who connived and pretended they won by simply deluding themselves. Islam was founded on lies and propaganda…and this example confirms that, hyde park has been another great example of how muslims, lie, connive, and fabricate.

Sir, I watched the debate really you did well can I get your Facebook id

David wood idiot and stupid

me already watch your debate.
so embrassed david…
your knowledge too weak about debate.
you destroy your carier

Does not matter who won & who lost ,
Point is , we All Need a savior

God created us in his image and likeness
God loves us all
And Jesus died for ur sins

Love :two_hearts: to u all, beautiful people

I see mental problems on your face…fight…against yourself Mr Wood…am sure u will win

God bless you all. I love you all as jesus does. Exposing the false prophet of islam is the lords work as is defending the faith. Thomas said my lord and my god. AMEN.

Christian vs Muslim Debate on the Bible!!!:fire::fire::fire: :fire:
Check who will be the winner!!!
Press Like If you are willing to watch​:sunglasses::+1: I want to see the number.

David got smashed by hijab. Thought his career was over but I guess its good he’s still around. Can be used as again as a punching bag

You lost the debate. Just accept the fact. You let the trinitarians down. Most of your points on youtube are just against Islam rather than proving the trinity.

David bruh why did you save your arguments until after the debate😂now you are talking all kinda smack and making vids to deal with Hijab (something you should have done in the debate) bro you even used and argument you admitted you didn’t even think was correct (being dishonest) the kenosis theory is weak something that you should abandon. I’ll give you some credit tho your closing was ok and that Jewish source about the shema was good ( tho if it’s the zohar commentary its been challenged by orthodox rabbis and scholars I believe refuted as well) but that was a good counter props there. The points you ma de about paganism in Islam I felt were off topic but to be fair they were not refuted .overall you took an L but you also clearly wasn’t at your best either I would prefer a rematch but the way that you are acting (vocab putting a battery in ya back) I really don’t believe you will get the chance to have a rematch

Hijab smashed you hard !!!:joy::joy::joy: