Live q&a (with guests) 10:00pm eastern time

This is the LIVE Q&A with Paul Copan, Mark Mittelberg (and family!), Vocab Malone, and Jon McCray.

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So if the wiping out of people in the Bible is hyperbolic, then tell me- was the wiping out of mankind except Noah and family hyperbolic? When it says “By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.” is that hyperbolic?

Love it!!

Judaism is the one true religion! :slight_smile:

Much obliged sir.

BEWARE of philosophers, ! If they don’t take God word literally ,they are literally changing God’s word, to there own understanding and not God.

Jesus said he sends the Holy Spirit as the Father sent him.

david wood…hhhooooakkkkkk…

That part about exaggeration in the text helps explain the flood story. If the ocean had reached above the highest mountain tops the change in atmospheric pressure would have crushed the ark and killed the people in it. You wouldn’t have a bird coming back with a twig with leaves on it either. So land had to exist that was never covered with water, to say nothing of the ark coming to rest at the mountains of Ararat, not on the peak.

Brother David… I’m really happy that you debated Hijab in great patience and respectful… That’s what God said, let wicked one be wicked and Gentle one be gentle… Result and fruit will be given God only… We are not allowed judge what they do… And you showed it there at debate with hijab… But still make videos which they didn’t allowed you to answer… I’ll be waiting for your videos of answers… Thank you , May God bless you and all people of your country… :heart_eyes::smile:

JESUS is God just like your son is can give your son charge and authority over your property.

Jesus said, The father is greater than the son but that don’t make the son inferior. Father mean source. This is why Jesus can’t do anything without the father. If it’s hard to believe Jesus is God how about you knowing that you are also God in human case? Your spirit is 100% God

God bless you all…

Dear David, May God opens your heart to find the true path. Ameen

The reason why i go back to Christianity is nabeel. Once i heard his story, i cried so much,. So much that i really felt it to the deepest part of my heart.

David, why plane cannot pass on kaba?

A few people agree with my comment below about hanging out with you guys, so maybe that’s a sign for you guys to do a conference? It could even be a one-day thing in New York (Queens preferred). I know myself I would definitely attend a one-day conference with all of your guests talking from their individual backgrounds in apologetics, well worth going to see maybe you should consider it David? I’d even offer my assistance if needed. Pray about it.

Jesus is God.

David is fool fake dumb ass embarrass by how he lost from hijab

God bless you mr wood…
from Indonesia love you n your friends…