Live Stream Update

Live stream is here: Islamicize Me and the James White Controversy - YouTube
We’re live now.

You seem to be illuminati. The false messiah.

Mr. Wood I love your videos, here a video about another gentleman attacking muslims and islam
I will post the link here however check if the translation is true, I am not trying to decieve you
If it is false let the public know

Hi David!
I am a Christian. I just want to say that make a rebuttal to this video please…

Made by a popular channel , merciful servant.

David wood; a great debater and a very knowledgeable man, i wish he was a catholic

God bless you bro

it’s all explained in the video links i sent. Did you watch it? Anyways the arabic word wajadaha means it appeared to dhul qarnain.

David, muslims have been debunking your claims on the prophet and the Quran. You lied when you said the sun sets in muddy pool but you don’t have intergrety to admit that you were simply lying.

Lol I thought of checking White’s subscribers
Wow he sure got a lot of support
Fighting for the truth is he?

How come I don’t get notified of your videos nowadays is YouTube being a bunch of Twits or what?

Historical of islam

Can we see day 23 anywhere else?

Keep up the Great Work!

You are one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever listened to. Please keep up your Monmouth task dear brother in Christ our God Lord Protector inspirer and Saviour. Amen

Joe Moffitt Newcastle UK

I chellange you david wood come and debate with me i will prove that the god is one and your trinity is false concept. I am from UAE make a confereance here somewhere. Thx

I’m surprised that it took until Day 23 for someone to flag one of these. Fight the good fight, Brothers.

Ezekiel 3-16
God bless

You guys are doing great.

Hi David go ahead brother, i like your videos, one day i will meet you i am from India

i said this on the live video but i just wanted to reiterate i enjoyed your videos & because of islamicize me and other videos i downloaded the the quran. i thought they cant really believe this this .but my knowledge of Muslims started and ended at 72 virgins and i now feel i can start a dialogue on the subject.

Did you hear about Anthony Bourdain’s death? It really sucks seeing so many people kill themselves lately. Just wondered what you thought.