Live Streaming Tonight (5:00pm EST) to Discuss James White's Condemnation of "Islamicize Me"!

David, Jon, and Vocab will go live at 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) to discuss James White’s condemnation of “Islamicize Me.” Hope to see you then!

If you missed the live stream, you can watch it here: Islamicize Me and the James White Controversy - YouTube

Because james white is a dump, he favor to islam just to have a sympathy of a muslim, but in fact, his afraid of muslim. Hahahahahha

James White gets on my nerves. Muslims loving him and using his clips so much should give him a hint of how useless he is with Islam.

James is proud…

I don’t hear yet a solid testimony of conversion through watching James White’s videos through David’s videos every now and then somebody is testifying that they hav become believers through the instrumentality of David’s videos

James white is a moron.

James zzzzzzzzz white

The wisest thing to do would be to not respond. I like some of what you do David, but I don’t think you’ll do what’s wise.

James White is a lover of controversy. It’s very unhealthy.

I respect James White as a man and a lot of the work he has done. With that said, some of his fans the most prideful an arrogant people I have ever encountered. Many of them are more concerned with heresy hunting than actually spreading the gospel.

MUSLIMS, Quran is called SATANIC VERSE, not word of Holy God, because it lied about words of God in the Bible. If Torah and Injeel are Ashmani Kitab, it means these books were given like Quran, then show us those books. Moses and Jesus Christ did not bring any book as Quran claimed. From the beginning people knew that Torah and Gospels were written by people of God with wisdom came from God. These books were written not by one man but by many men as witness of word of God in different generations. This proves authenticity of word of God. But Quran was made by one man, no witness, and that man is Muslims’ Allah.

There was no personal gain like Muhammad in Quran, by writing books of the Bible. Quran made Muhammad prophet, no prophets in the Bible were made by the Bible. The Bible is the history book of God Recording God’s miraculous works for people of different generation as witness. And Quran is mantra of Muhammad, SATANIC VERSE wrote by 20 years only. Message of Quran is total opposite message of the Bible. Jesus spread God is LOVE and God’s salvation come thru loving God and people. Muhammad spread Allah is SEXUAL LOVE, he gave Muhammad lot of women to marry by surah 33:50, 33:37 etc. and Muslims would get 72 Hoories in Jannah for sex after death. Thus Quran is SATANIC VERSE not word of True God in the Holy Bible.

MUSLIMS you are brainwashed by SATANIC VERSE OF QURAN, Islam lied and falsely spread Quran is last book of Torah and Injeel. You would burn in Hell Fire after your death, believing Quran is a book came from God. Quran is a SATANIC VERSE.

For my Muslims who see this , let me say this don’t reflect all Christians …just the sheep in wolf clothing

As a Muslim this just make you look foolish trying to mock the hadith out of context most Muslims are smart enough to see through this ,to be honest James white is helping you guys out from embarrassing yourselves, because any basic Muslim can ripp through this non sense in the series you guys put up, don’t believe me ,than have me on live

God bless you Mr Wood, and on Mr White I appreciate his stand on the cults and ecumenism but this man seems to suffer from spiritual pride holding up to people his false doctorates like keneneth Copeland and Benny hinn do having people call them Dr. were Christians this behavior not only makes you look like a pseudo academic but its just plain silly.

The entire Islamicize me campaign of David proves the fact that he’s a psychopath and Christianity didn’t heal him. David come to Islam, you need help.

David, the treachery of James White is an episode in an old story. When the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor were trying to rally Christians to repel the attacks of Suleyman the Magnificent, Lutheran and Calvinists were busy undermining Christian solidarity. If the heretics had succeeded in undermining Catholic forces as they defended Vienna, Islam would have triumphed and all Europe would have been laid open to Jihad. This is just one more reason why you ought to think again about your adherence to the separated brand of Christianity. Find a good Catholic apologist and seriously consider his case. Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

Why should you two not debate about this? As two true Christians? I think that making war is realy no good idea. And is not how should Christian behave. If I were muslim I would lough at this kind of conversation between people who claim they follow Christ but have such big EGO fight.

I hate to see you and P&P at odds with one another; your Islamicize Me vids may be highly accurate, but lack tact. Is that not something you accused JD of? In reality, you and others, need to be working together to call out James White for being more of a Muslim apologists than most Muslims…

Please brother consider humility, peace and unity. I hope this all works out