LIVE with Abdullah Sameer on the Christchurch Mosque Massacre

Abdullah Sameer and David Wood discuss the terrorist Brenton Tarrant’s mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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discussion should be based on comparing religons…after all, hitler was born christian,do his actions have anything to do with christ’ teachings ?I am not nor was nor will be a christian.
compare religions !

here is how I will teach a bunch of young people about god,who he is and where he is,
gather them in a classroom, then… don’t show up… got it ?:blush:

You need a cough button, David.

wood… have u realised that ur hate speech. n islamophobia preached entire world has accomplished…

Easy not to have any people who do not believe in the core foundation of the west.

Christchurch mosque - did anybody noticed irony?

Muslims in many ways are good people, i have met a lot of them in my own country and land down under where i live now. In a small crowd or gathering they are really nice people, but the problem is when they become large in number the possibility of radicalism is great. Remember Mohammad is a Prophet but as for me he is more of a Revolutionist, waging sword is a part of the history of how this great religion is formed.
Imagine 20 years or more some parts of Europe from will have more Muslims than Christians, new revolutionist will arise only time can tell just to cite some examples of revolutionist who westerners called it terrorist the boko haram of nigeria, isis in Iraq and Syria, BFF in the Philippines and more. All of these groups are so called terrorist to the west but to many Muslims they are revolutionist. Time comes even good Muslims will become irrelevant and many parts of EU will engulf in wars and conflicts, Iran it self is a best product of Islamic revolution and they are proud of it. I hope one day we could all together hold in peace and changing the world through arms struggle is a thing of the past. God bless us all!

I want to say right up front, I don’t condone nor support the killings in NZ. However ppl keep saying to those of us in America get ready for the muslims coming and enforcing is-lame here. Got news for you. Most of us are. We aren’t like other nations. We have a constitution with first and second amendment rights. We stand up for ourselves. It’s the muslims who better get ready to submit to our constitution. It won’t be pretty and clean. It will be messy but someone has to bring them into the 21st century kicking and screaming from the 7th.

If you can remove the fear of hell from a muslim’s mind, you can de radicalize him.

Attacking an ideology like islam is entirely different from attacking people following that ideology, here muslims. Killing of anyone is absolutely wrong to the ground. We condemn killing of muslims or non muslims. We’re not happy but very sad to hear this incident.

They are treated well in Canada, they are treated as a persecuted people and many buildings going up, in government positions even if not born in Canada and have conferences where L. Sorc., money for protection, in subways asking for mini m. ,mss immi… expect. from thos. places expected in next few years, so that Sh lD mk t hm feel fit good,. Trudeau
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Spoke too soon, one “Godless woman channel” seems to thinks European Canadians, h$ ate- her words, certain otherapeo &ple, so I am thinking she is well…r… herself… She is very tough on certain things and does have good points.

In Denmark the organization Hizb ut tahrir plans a friday prayer demonstration in front of the parliament this friday. They sent out a press release about it in which they announce the sanctity or inviolability of muslim blood. Muslim blood? Really?

Not human life in general. Not human blood. But “muslim blood”

If anyone should wonder about that, please go to the Quran and read 98, 6 and 3, 110

I find it insulting that no one remembers the land, sea, and air teams Voltron. I personally liked that one better than the lions one.

Lighten up about liking a comment! Anti-intellectual!

I think the Muslims want to falsely accuse us of celebrating after this massacre because they want to justify all of the times they have celebrated when terrorists have attacked innocents in Western lands.

I think the Muslims think we Christians celebrate when Muslims get killed because Muslims (fundamentalists) would celebrate if Christians are killed by Jihadis.

David please be careful from Abdullah Samer. I been watching him he speaks with two tongues

Far right is said to be on the increase. Most so-called anti-semetic and anti-muslim 'hate crimes" are proven to be fake. So I will disagree on that.
The other point. Syria is not run under sharia. The only reason someone in Syria would fear coming out would not be because of government, but because he knows there are still Isis / other terrorist members around.