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God bless. In terms of miracles in islam, in the koran, allah refrained from sending miracles. This destroys all muslims claims about miracles. Amen.

I was in London in the first half of the 1990’s, “touristing around” spending a bunch at the bars and some people back then were literally AWARE of where things were heading, yet the media and many a person pointed fingers at those WARNING others about the issues there. Yet here we are, or dare I say there you are, because when I went to London in the second half of the 2000’s, it was not anything remotely close to a resemblance of London from the 90’s. The buildings are irrelevant, the people and their culture matter.

I dare to predict how some people will point fingers at me and throw various accusations and labels around, yet all I am doing is relaying what I saw as far as the changes go in those 20ish years.

For those who were there all day every day, maybe it is not as evident, but for a person who had a 20+ year gap between visits, it was shocking.
That fact about what I saw and experienced is something that nobody can tell me anything to convince me of anything different. Drastic change/differences in everything.

& the “bill boards” at the stations and along the roads, talk about “propaganda” on every corner!!!

I dare say that Mr. “Monty Python” was 100% spot on with what he said and those who threw labels at him are GUILTY of pure ignorance.

Stay safe,

Prep up,

God bless.

ఓం నమః శివాయ

May good Lord bless you all. …

Brother David Wood I just saw your other YouTube video and will follow you.

It sucks my internet is too slow right now to watch some YouTube videos because my phone’s internet dropped to 2G.

Not only are Biblical type miracles necessary to confirm true what has been said but they have to be personally witnessed by people before the people can be justly condemned for unbelief. Hearsay can never be used as legitimate proof for anything no matter the culture!

I am very sad you are taking your videos down as videos like this are such an excellent resource for Christians to learn from but I know you have your reasons. God bless and continue to use you, whatever the future brings.

morning down here in New Zealand !!

allah :metal::metal::eye::leg::eye: = mo ham heads :pig: very own personal genie :genie: :genie: :genie: :star_and_crescent:ult :100::white_check_mark:

My heroes, may God bless and protect them🙏🏻

Allah is Muhammad’s delusion from Hira to beyond
No cross reference verses exist between Bible and the illegitimate Quran
Blasphemy laws prove Muhammad is worshipped
Obeying Muhammad is obeying Allah prove Muhammad is worshipped
No, Muhammad isn’t in the Bible and is not the Spirit of truth
No Muhammad never spoke to his Allah
Muhammad and the people of Mecca were pagans and didn’t know Abraham
Why does the pagan Hajj and Blackstone forgive Moslim sins
Why does Quran order amputations of hands, feet and heads
Quran 3:3; Quran 10:94, directs Moslems to follow the people and scriptures of the Book before them.

Goodbye David and God Speed.

Great show and good to see you all, God bless you​:pray::pray::pray:

I know you’re going to close this channel down, David, but I still congratulate you for reaching 700k subs!

Who are the other prophets after Christ? Can there be modern day prophets who we will know by their fruits, as true Prophets? Will they do miracles and can they be recorded on modern day sophisticated scientific software or hardware devices?

St Paul the true Apostle…Muhammad was false…but are there other prophets after Christ?

…Ummayads killed by Abbasids, Fatimids till present…the fruits of the devil…Christs disciples or the fruits of St Paul was to spread Love of Christ through history’s most brutal empire to an end…

By their fruits you shall know them. What are the fruits of Muhammad & his immediate followers: the Sahaba and their children killed each other in the hundreds of thousands for centuries; Abu Bakr, Umar (killed by fellow Muslim) as was Uthman and Ali.