LIVE with Christian Prince (8:00pm Eastern Time)

David Wood will be LIVE with Christian Prince tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing CP’s ministry and taking questions. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion.

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Hi everyone! We had an audio problem for the first few minutes, then Christian Prince switched microphones and fixed the problem.

I’m a n average Muslim n I will say 100% David wood gets paid to be an islamaphobe, how can u take him seriously. That’s shameful,stop the money and he won’t do it…says a lot about a person who puts money over faith…this guy has been reputed so many times it’s a joke lol. Mohammed hijab bitch slapped him silly. N serves him right to.he lies as well n he’s been caught out. Watch him n uthman farooq on utube n u be the judge lol

David Wood you should really learn Arabic or a least try

Christian Prince is Superman and a legend!

David is so smart and quick.
CP is smartly funny yet so meaningfully funny :rofl:

The best mix…

Nice to see you both in one video frame David and CP :pray::heart::clap::raised_hands:

I am an atheist. I must say David Wood and Christian Prince are fearless

غيرت اشهد لا الله الا الله واشهد ان انا رسولة الله :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

اشهد ان لا اله الا الله واشهد ان ديفد رسول الله الله واكبر الله واكبر الله واكبر بثلات

God Bless the both of you!! :pray:t5::raised_hands:t5: keep on bringing these muslims to the light!!! GOD IS Great

I just stumbled into this video, I glad to listen to these God’s GENERALS. The Lord bless you both.

This is making us mentally sick about this book.

Learning a lot from you both Brothers, may God bless your mission to bring the stray souls back to the God’s Kingdom. Glory to God

Thank you to you great warriors of Christ. God bless!

please David tell CP that… he needs to make some adjustments in your approach and i am sure he’s going to make more impact than ever… because he has information that can singlehandedly destroy ISLAM… Please cp

Thanks God for all of you Christians who expose the extremely DECEITFUL ISLAM, fat lies, fat satanic doctrines from idolater Muhammad.
May God of Abraham, Isaac, Israel,
Jesus’s Father and Christians Father
BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY FOR YOUR WORK to expose lies of Muhammad.
May God our Father bless all those who leave Islam and become children of God in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen
Love of our Father is the MOST HIGH bc Father send His Son to us to redeemed us from condemnation
which we deserve. By His grace we can be saved. He calls some of His children to preach His words and expose any lie in this world.
Thanks Father for Your love and longsuffering for us sinners.

If one breath stinks, let him know that his breath stink; some Muslims needed to be informed bluntly that their believe is false and satanic

Mohammad James White, I love it lol. I used to like him, especially in his refutations of the JWs and Islam. But this idea that Catholics are not Christian, is the dumbest thing I ever heard. I grew up a Catholic. My family history is split Protestant and Catholic. I call myself Protestant. I have heard Protestants and Catholics both saying that James White is a Calvinist and therefore not a Christian also, and that is equally wrong. Let me tell you something that might come off as strange. My parents are both Catholic and they essentially reject Papal authority and believe in salvation by faith alone. They have other beliefs that contradict Catholicism as well but I do not feel like mentioning everything. I have told them that there are Protestants who are more Catholic than them, and that is true, but they will not give up the label. Among Catholics there is a wide expanse of opinion as well. Sometimes it is out of ignorance of their Church’s teachings, sometimes it is not. The point is that most of the Catholics I know, just figure this way: “I believe in Christ to save me, and I do these Sacraments, not as some hardline article of faith, but because I always have done them and it makes me feel closer to God to do them.” If you mention the Bank of Merit or some other obscure concept they would look at you like your crazy. If you ask my mother about the Virgin Mary, she will say, “Its the mother of Jesus, she is a role model.”

Most Christians I meet, are ignorant and genius at the same time. If you ask them about other Christian faiths, they say, they believe in God just like us. They are not thinking of all of these petty sectarian differences. The clergies of these Churches, do sometimes tend to stress these minor differences, but even amongst almost all of them, I sense an ecumenical understanding. The average member of a faith is saved by his ignorance of these petty differences or tends to minimize them (like he should). He thinks, “I believe in Christ, so I will be saved and get to live with Him when I die.” This is universal across the average believer regardless of specific Faith. He is simply not concerned with the implications of sola scriptura, the difference between this faith and that one, etc. People who study more about the scriptures should be more mindful of this “common sense” amongst all believers. We are all trying to go to Paradise. Don’t forget, the devil is in the details.

X muslim, God bless your good work ,and and your beautiful family.