LIVE with David Wood and the Apostate Prophet (Q&A)

David Wood was LIVE with the Apostate Prophet, discussing social media bias and other topics.

AP’s YouTube channel:

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I know this is from a long time ago, but I’d like you to make more long livestreams. I’m an “old lady” and I enjoy listening to long conversations on a topic while I sit and knit. I love AP, too! He’s so sweet.

I love brother David and AP I could listen to these 2 all day long

i can

AP I understand you so well. I understand why you hate Islam as it is obvious that it is a fake religion created by a war lord. Same reason why I thought all religions are made up and stayed away from all. I finally found out about God by learning about quantum physics by Nassim Haramein. He will give you the confidence to look into yhyw. Much love.

Tik Tok time to rock👍

my psalm 137:9 question is answer. thanks david.

David, please promote your own website and upload videos into it so that if you get de-platformed we all know where to go.
Idea = upload into your website first before other platforms. We will go there first before we then go looking at YouTube and the other garbage-website.

Thanks, David,. I will translate some of your videos in my free time.

I don’t have a religion and I don’t believe your religion is true and any other for that matter.

It’s 100% man made. Sorry you don’t agree.

No there not.

0:10 David is a skeptic?

Yes . If Apostate is at a level 10, you David is at a 7. He is clear and almost Over loud. You are muffled, David

I think David Wood does not get it.If Islam is true violence to further its cause is justified.

David I want to marry you

I am not convinced that ANY gods exist, I believe that all religions are deluded, I have been brought up in a Christian society, but have never reconciled dogma over evidence. In regent years Islam has polarised my opinion on religion, the willingness to murder in the name of a god that does not exist is, in my mind disgusting. David Wood as good as his opinions are on Islam, appears to be motivated by ‘My god is greater than yours’ …That is Islam’s Allahu Akbar… My god is the greatest! … it seems to me ALL gods are made up by Men. Non of them should be ‘worshiped’ ! Any more than Santa should be worshipped, or people killed because they don’t believe in Santa,

if David have any spare time away from his Islam videos he should make some more videos about Christianity and common mistakes.

Do you think Jimmy Savile was inspired by Mohammed.