LIVE with Ex-Muslim Harris Sultan (9:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with ex-Muslim atheist Harris Sultan at 9:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing why Harris left Islam and what he thinks about the recent antics of Muslim apologists like Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah.

Harris Sultan on YouTube:
Harris Sultan’s book “The Curse of God: Why I Left Islam”:

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Nice to see you both together . It’s great​:+1::+1:

I thought I had pretty good knowledge on Islam. I’ve written 10 books on the subject. But when I was turned on to DW , I have learned so much. I think he is the :ok_hand: :+1: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: best.

Quran is a big problem,ban it everywhere.

I love pork so I love Jesus
But I love Muslims
Because Jesus said love everyone

I can’t imagine how I missed this video…!

Hey. I like it that you are 2-3 steps (intellektual) “further” than" guys like ali dawah, mister “Im medical doctor” ect.

Good dialogue.

One year later:
Did Mimi Hijab remove the tweets?
Has he apologized yet?

The next 3 years!!! I hope you will continue when my daughter needs it!
Consider me a patron… :flushed:

“If they’re mad at him…” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Awesome greetings from india

I am an ex Muslim, it is very dangerous for me to live in Pakistan :cry:

If Alie Dawah hates you then you should talk to that guy :slight_smile: The enemy of my enemy is my friend!!!

The whole of the beduinistic ‘‘civilisation’’ is a lie. The tower of Babel cannot be in Egypt ( Coran 28/38) and shooting stars are not directed at daemons. How can normal people believe such crap ?

Need David woods videos, all of them, to be converted to Urdu so that Pakistanis can be shown the truth about Muhammad and the Quran.

David wood plz keep it up… I love u my brother… God bless u… Love from india

Long live Atheist republic of Pakistan!

Proud to be a Pakistani ex Muslim