LIVE with J. Warner Wallace: The Impact of Christianity (8:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace at 8:00pm Eastern Time, discussing Christianity’s impact on education and science.

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David, look up Illuminati playing cards from the 80s and 90s.

Hey David, do you think you’d be able to put timestamps on these longer videos? Appreciate all the work

1:45:40 “But check out this comment… bc this is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

:smile::joy: A Muslim comment about how they invented toothpaste, coffee & universities… lol

“I will actually grant coffee…”

Well, they most certainly didn’t invent/establish the first university — that’s for sure. But about the discovery of coffee, there are actually multiple legends going around, one of them involving a Christian monastery. :slightly_smiling_face: However, I’ll also grant them that, Arabs at least popularised it.

1:19:00 “No one was doing a dissection, until Christians starting doing dissections…”

Uhm, that’s not exactly true… From the wiki article titled ‘Dissection’:

《 “Human dissections were carried out by the Greek physicians Herophilus of Chalcedon and Erasistratus of Chios in the early part of the third century BC. [7][8] During this period, the first exploration into full human anatomy was performed rather than a base knowledge gained from ‘problem-solution’ delving.[9] While there was a deep taboo in Greek culture concerning human dissection, there was at the time a strong push by the Ptolemaic government to build Alexandria into a hub of scientific study.[9]”

— Ghosh, Sanjib Kumar (Sept 2015). “Human cadaveric dissection: a historical account from ancient Greece to the modern era”. 》

Very informative.

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you’re SO wrong about conspiracies. all you have to do is separate the jobs.
each team makes one component, none has the whole picture. and you assemble it later.
and technically Satan is using thousands of people, separately, unbeknownst to them, go achieve his plots.

Seeing these two work together is awesome!

Did J. Warner Wallace ever publish this data for us?? Did this get forgotten?

How did I not see this 9 months ago??

Athiests praise science as their “god” so much, that they think we Christians couldn’t possibly be into science and worship God at the same time. :roll_eyes::man_facepalming::smile:

I can’t wait for the next LIVE with J. Warner! I really love it!
be blessed David.

This was a fascinating discussion. There is another video available on Acts 17 Apologetics titled “God, Science and Atheism” that shows images of great scientists, (accompanied by dramatic music), their discoveries or specialties and their quotes about the existence of God. In the 20th Century there were a number of scientists who were atheists, but the VAST MAJORITY since the explosion of scientific discoveries starting in the 16th century who believed in God.

Atheism and islam are brothers in arms: no foundations to hold up an argument or a future

Wow! All this info just blew my mind! Please do more together. You guys are dynamic!

Thank you very much Dave for interviewing Jim Wallace. You are both a God-sent. Notice that you both came to the Lord around the same time and as former atheists now very successfully equipping the church and showing the skeptics the truth about Jesus and the Bible.
John Wesley and George Whitefield were preaching at the same time and making noise for Christ!!!

RE: Conspiracies.
For those who deny the idea of Conspiracy, need to understand that conspiracy is not in fact an outcome but the PLAN to create an outcome.
in effect a Conspiracy CAN BE both discovered or still hidden.
Both are still conspiracies.
A PLAN to have a suprise Birthday party is a conspiracy. (If it is found out, there was still a conspiracy)
A PLAN to Rob a bank with at least one other guy is a conspiracy. (If it is found out, there was still a conspiracy)
A PLAN to throw a coup is a conspiracy .(If it is found out, there was still a conspiracy)
The Government is involved in conspiracies EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is literally the singular job of Intelligence agencies across the globe, at it’s most basic. That conspiracy is at the very least to uncover information that is ment to be kept from them, and to hide information from those they find hostile.
A conspiracy theory is just what it sounds like.
Someone speculating that something is being hidden and planned, with some evidence (Evidence is not proof) to back up their speculation.
Police are in fact Conspiracy Theorist.
If a Police or FBI agent comes up on a dead body with a gunshot wound to the head they can and often do theorise, with evidence (the gunshot wound) that there was a murder. They have no proof, after all it could have been a suicide.
So they look for more evidence. (Not Proof because they cannot do so.) This is why Police look for a preponderance of evidence and not proof.
“Proof” is a legal conclusion made of a evidence.

We are not made in the image of God as a matter of intellect but rather for purposes. (Otherwise one would have to say that people with low IQ’s or otherwise mentally incapacitated are no longer made in the Image of God.)
We are made in the “image” if God in in the sense of authority, for the purpose of acting as a vassel/offical of his King. “Governing” over a portion of Geography. (In this case the material plane) This is explained and spelled out in Genesis when Adam was commanded by his King (God) to tend to the Garden, name the Amimals etc.
This is also why Murder and Suicide are Sins. In effect you would have killed/ assassinated an officer of the King.

Its funny how the layman still thinks its science vs religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Its science vs naturalism.