LIVE with CEO Bill Ottman on Social Media Censorship (4:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with CEO Bill Ottman at 4:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing social media censorship, freedom of speech, and alternatives to tech giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here’s a link to my Minds channel: Acts17Apologetics (@Acts17Apologetics) | Minds

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David, I LOVE YOU! I am so happy to see this video! I know Bill Ottman. Me and our friend Mikey stayed at the place they rented when they all went to UVM. I won’t name the other names that lived there. I still remember the day he was moving out.

Thank you for clarifying that we’re a Constitutional Republic. That’s the correct answer that apparently and unfortunately the large percentage of Americans don’t understand. And that’s deliberate and by design through social engineering. “Democracy” is a non sequitur and red herring intended to confuse.

Bill Ottman is an actual human being, unlike Zuck.

I don’t consider myself “conservative” (or leftist for that matter), but I’m definitely against Big Tech censorship culture.

This is nice at all but…ya know, I never believe in CEOs…learned that the hard way.

Should start a rumble channel as it’s a open content you can even bring up COVID being man made or vaccines don’t work , it’s probably the best town square forum

Great content and fantastic speaking voice.
Thank you David W.

That’s right D.W, no human should be bottling up their feelings, that’s not good…even secular pyschologists can tell us that. Christians have Jesus Christ whom we come to in prayer and small groups to help us, but what about those who don’t? We all deserve to be heard.

Minds has recently become Facebook Lite , it was really good now they keep banning accounts supposedly for spam yet i only post on their maybe twice in a week , so so far gab is the only DECENT alternative to facebook as of june 27 2021 i got my account on minds banned again it say’s so not gonna try again the rest of ya’ll GOOD LUCK with that

I am now sold on Minds. The 1st amendment policy is the best possible solution to the human condition. I am a new fan of Bill Ottoman.

I wonder if you guys could have a follow up session after the mayhem that happened this past weeks!

mr.bill ottman should take a look at the Philippines who is now facing some sort of censorship with Facebook…the Philippines were considered the #1 social media user eventhough it has the slowest internet speeds in the world…

28:40 Good question.

Dave, the video you did wearing a dress was definitely “NSFW”.

Why did you not post this on Minds?

This is interesting!

How funny the media logic is. They projecting themselves into believing censorship will de-radicalize people. Censorship may work for some people. But remember that there are people out there who will do exactly what they’re banning from. They always think people will react the same way they do.

Program something to track or flags the frequent false flaggers?

Minds still is garbage