LIVE with Pastor George Saieg: Ministry to Muslims & Fundraiser Prizes!

Pastor George Saieg runs Ministry to Muslims, an organization dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims. Pastor Saieg was raised in the Sudan but now lives in California. We recently did a fundraiser for a truck for his ministry. I said I’d be giving away prizes, so let’s do everything LIVE!

Pastor George’s website:

The work of David Wood is invaluable. He is doing so much for Christianity; it’s admirable. He has helped me regain strength in my faith.

Pastor George ia a great Christian. His pasion and kowledge of the gospel is truly inspiring.

Wait a minute, isn’t that the guy who gave the Halal Heros that freakin demonic backback?

Why do Iranian in the US want us at war with their country so badly that they are acquirer like crazy suicidal! I’m not going to send my 18yo son to fight Muslim wars again! God Bless You pastor George God bless you David and your family! I pray you are healthy and safe my warriors in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Great video thanks for sharing. God bless you both

where he really from he dont look sudanese

keep up the only work worth doing all else is static

ZAKIR NAIK, your Falsification Test#4 “Try and Produce a Qur’an like it”. Brother ZAKIR, you are #1 STUPID, you do not know yet after getting your MBBS degree, that no man, no matter how great genius he is, could produce any book like the original book, not for Quran only but for any book. No medical scholars can produce a book like “Gray’s Anatomy of the Human body”, that does not mean author is your Allah. Our God/Allah who created our SOLAR SYSTEM by His word only “Let there be light” without any Raw Materials, Labor Force, and Machineries, that Mighty God/Allah would never test His creation Human beings with a simple book Quran and ask them to write a Quran or else believe he is Allah.

What a fool you are to believe surah 17:88 as true came from Allah. Quran was a Zionist plot written by a genius Jewish religious scholars by 23 years by false name of Allah to misguide Muslims, to take them into Hell Fire.

Read surah 17:88 *"Say, “If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants.” This is total SATANIC VERSE to fool Muslims. ZAKIR, have you ever seen a Jinn that you together with jinn would try to make Quran??

ZAKIR NAIK, you would burn in Hell Fire if you compare our Holy Mighty God with a simple SATANIC book Quran which was made with bunch of lies and inspired Muslims to be killers like Muhammad for Allah. Muhammad established Islam on blood of Quraysh, Muhammad’s own tribe, killing them by calling Allah-Hu-Akbar. Whereas Jesus Christ established Christianity by His own blood on the CROSS. This killer Islam recently killed 300 Christians in Sri Lanka by calling Allah-Hu-Akbar. I am 100% sure all Muslims would burn in Hell Fire. Blood of innocent Christians won’t go into vain, Jesus Christ would punish Muslims for evil teaching.

May God bless Muslims to open their inner eyes to see truth inside Quran, which caused hundreds of killing daily around the world by calling Allah-Hu-Akbar!!!

Pastor, how would you share the gospel in Saudi Arabia?

Jesus is omnipresent and omnipotent

Thanks Pastor George, you are doing amazing work and are an inspiration. May God bless everything you do and soften hearts to hear the good news.

Muhammed is the most stupid person on earth.

Love both of you… great work…

Great conversation, David and George. God Bless you, guys.

You guys are awesome. God bless.

No question about it, EXMUSLIMS are the best Christians.
Jesus chooses his warriors and you guys are the best.
My respects to all of you.

Pastor George is so lovely and so clearly God has worked in him and given him such a gentle loving spirit. His loving approach is so different from the hostility and threats of some Muslims towards Christians. May God bless his ministry to Muslims. I live in the UK but otherwise would like to join your outreach team in California!

It brings me so much joy just to know how people reach out to help others which is clearly shown in this video you uploaded, David. I hope someday I can contribute to the Christian community in a profound way just as you always do.