LIVE with Robert Spencer on the Christchurch Mosque Massacre

Robert Spencer and David Wood discuss the terrorist Brenton Tarrant’s mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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FACT: Jasinister is the worst prime minister in NZ history.

Stop dictator Adern!

Mohammad is ISIS and isis is the soul of Mohammed

I’ve seen the livestream of the Mosque shooting. It made me feel very strange the next day.

All those abdools, btw, look the same. So if there is a sick fuck among them who had a personal grudge with a nationalist, a lot many could have been killed.

Mr spencer, i listen to jazz too! Muslims should listen to you!

LEFTIES are the STUPIDEST people who ever lived.
They can’t see the EVIL in the STUPIDEST CULT there has ever been.

Mohammad was a killer.
Allah is Satan and Mohammad is his messenger.

Link to manifesto? Please!!!

Actually Sharia law may be a good thing for America!! America is so godless and has abortions and gay marriage and school shootings and DUIs and prescription epidemic! America is a godless nation even though they claim they are Christian: Jesus said in the last days people will have a form if godliness but deny the power there of, that means people will call themselves religious to appear holy before men!!

Too much OUTRAGE from muslim regarding Christ church attack, but those hundred and hundred of christian killed at Nigeria, slaughters, and the latest one the bombing of Sri Lanka was not much OUTRAGE, and even non especially happen in NIGERIA.

Christianity is terrorizing the world all over the world

I like Robert Spencer’s speeches but I dislike these dialogues with David Wood who just wants to proselytise for Christianity. It’s really boring. Please just stick to criticising Islam.

1:20:00 That was a shocking fact. I would be happy if people who weren’t joining my religion had my religion’s books (The Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon).

Robert Spencer and David Wood, thank you! Incredible discussion and such a huge depth of knowledge.

David wood, please stand for Christ. Be with Christ. Take care of your health. Your actual face glow and smile is missing. Spread LoVe

Thanks, both of you, for speaking the truth❤️
I wish the politician would do the same🙏🏻
I think of Denmark, first the girl that was killed in Morocco. Then 3 kids of Denmark riches man was killed in Sri Lanka.
The same doctrine, the same mentalety, but no politician in Denmark wake up???
So I believe there must be more to this than we see… Maybe dark forces in the spiritworld is helping islam and its followers?
I Wonder…
Ole from Norway :norway::norway::norway::norway::norway:

2 of my Heros.

Look at #euresolution1743.
About the future of europe.