LIVE with the Apostate Prophet on the Christchurch Mosque Massacre

The Apostate Prophet and David Wood discuss the terrorist Brenton Tarrant’s mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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He is a hero

This is a clear case of, if he considered himself a Christian, he does not understand Christianity.
He is a maniac who wanted to thrust the world into a race war.
In other words, a class war.

That white nationalist guy loved the monotheistic Jewish God so much he became a Nordic pagan.

Mighty beard…have you reconverted?

Still with the dumb logic?:joy:

Hi, both of you doing a good JOB exposing satanic cult ISLAM, it’s demon founder sex addict, rapist, murderer, killer, looter, Cheater, peodophile, jaheel Junglee (illiterate and uncivilized) pagan self proclaimed Nabi madcap lunatic Mohd, and their UNHOLY scripture the Book of Lies Quran

Tick tock on the black rock

Christian guy went ahead and killed more than 50 innocent defenseless Muslims but you’re saying stay away from Islam? What is your point ??? You should rather say stay away from Christianity because he is a Christian. You disowned him because he is a terrorist, does Jesus disowned him too? I don’t think so because he died for him.

Can you portray how to live in peace despite people differences? You knew not everyone would be Christian or Muslim, so hating one another is not the solution. Non of these terrorists are inspired by Christianity or Islam. You have channel with thousands of followers but you’re perpetrating hate toward one another and the followers are just cheering and enjoying not caring on the consequence effect on humanity. You have to do better.

Anyway he is Christian and he has salvation because Jesus paid for his sins. Christians are not bound by any law.

Stay away from Islam…

You both are trying your best to save this world and educating both Muslims and non Muslims about quaran non scientific teaching , violence speech , fantasy 72 hoor ( whore) , killing of people who don’t accept islam and non believers of islam , Muslims were atheist they changed into Muslims by violence and forcibly

David wood eyebrow and AP smile (very attractive )

Coffee is BAD for you.
You are a temple of God.
Cherish it.

You’r grader lord jesus era now to be continues happy creation to all people God together with you’r i love you cP~Dw

As even most Islamic scholars point out if it wasn’t for the law of “death to apostates” Islam would collapse in on itself. But say you are a Pakistani young woman and at the breakfast table you announce to your family that you have given up on Islam? Then you would risk violence or death.

The main question here is… which religion in the world has killed more humans in the name of their God?

What about having a minute silence for the 2 million Hindus in India that raped their mothers.

Two cheeks of the same arse :joy: