Machete-Wielding Syrian Refugee Goes on Hacking Spree in Germany (David Wood)

Less than a week after an axe-wielding, ISIS-supporting refugee went on a hacking spree on a German train, another refugee in Germany used a machete to hack a Polish woman to death. He injured two others before being hit by a car and is now in police custody. If the screening process in Germany is thoroughly flawed and can’t detect extremely violent individuals, should Germans really think that their leaders are keeping them safe?

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Yes, there’s danger. Merkel will let him out.

At this years new year celebration, their are more police men in germany in action than ever before.
Greetings from germany.

Those Americans who fought against the attacker on the German train. One was later attacked by Asians (read Muslims) in Sacramento. Another went to that community college in Oregon that the Muslim attacked, although he happened not to be on campus that day. Too much for coincidence.

We’ve just gotten our first batch of Syrians in my area, and the local authorities didn’t have the courage of the council of Waterford Township in Michigan to not allow the resettlement. According to the 1980 law, local government has the right to refuse any refugees. Waterford is near Detroit so they’ve likely seen first hand what has happened to Hamtramck and Dearborn. I wish the city council where I live would look that up. I have a person in my family who had to travel to Dearborn on business frequently. Most Americans don’t realize what Dearborn has become.

Because the dark cult of the god Allah requires it…

Another machete attack in Charleroi - Belgium. 2 female police officers were injured. The attacker who shouted “Allah Akhbar” was killed.

that’s it, we have to ban crazy llamas

A Catholic priest has been murdered in Northern France in his church during a service, his throat was cut, 2 Muslims have been shot by the police, Islamic State have claimed responsibility.

This is just getting too easy for you David now,they are now doing your job in showing the planet just how insane Islam is!!!

this is religion of pieces called islam

German’s policy is: “Not white = free pass”, anything else is wacist.

Obama our angel guardian is bringing thousands of them to America! We are arming ourselves to defend our families! James

I have a government that sucks at a lot of things, but keeping me safe ain’t one of them.

Merkel has done more harm to her country than Obama has done to the USA; never though anyone would top Obama for stabbing his country in the back!

Stupid Islamists! Go back to your filthy “Islamic State”

We let them into our countries so thet can live a better life and get free healthcare and benefits and this is how they repay us.

When will it end? When will people say enough is enough, no more death. Somthing drastic needs to change…and quick. Because these maniacs are trying to provoke a civil race war. With the very countries that ARE offering them help.

The world needs to wake the fuck up. This isn’t going to get any better, it’s going to get worse, a lot worse.

The one religion that’s the antithesis of Western values is trumpeted by Western powers. I don’t even.

Were you raising your eyebrow during this video? I couldn’t tell.

Germany is toast.