Making Jesus Known Among Muslims

I listened to this moron argue that “attributes” of Allah are like the same thing as the trinity in the sense that they are all part of a whole (In San Diego)… It was ridiculous and embarrassing to listen to.

Also, he can’t even pronounce Allah.

Mohd’s life
Hyper sexuality in men is called satyriasis, which is a mental disorder. Analyzing mohammad’s deeds and mentality from Quran and Hadiths, undoubtedly he was such a person of hyper sexuality disorder due to following.

  1. Seeing a nursing infant girl child Um Habiba daughter of Abbas on cradle, Mohammad said " I will Nikah (marry for sex) you when you become time for marriage.
  2. He advised women to submit him for sex, that is an act which pleases Allah
  3. He gets erection when he saw a women on the road and runs to his wife to have sex
  4. When he sees his adopted son’s wife when she was changing dress, Mohammad gets his Allah’s permission to marry her and his adopted son divorces her.
  5. He raided neighbouring tribes at night, kills men and takes their wives and daughters and allows his warriors to share those women for sex.
  6. He falsely promises a heaven for his warriors and believers , with 72 women(70 are prostitutes from hell) with special beauty, special boobs, continuous sex for one year , rivers of liquor and so on.
  7. He does sex with a slave women in one of his wives house, when his wives knew it and questioned him, his Allah threatens his wives that he can divorce them all…
  8. At the age of 54 he marries an infant 5 yrs and 8 months old.
  9. He claimed that he had sex with his 9 to 13 wives continuously one after another and claimed he has sexual power of 30 men.
  10. Mohd and his supporters raided nearby tribal community, captures women including beautiful Safiya, daughter of tribal leader and wife of young man Kinan after killing her father, husband and brothers. Same day he has sex (rape) with her with one of his supporter guarding with a sword.
    Such hundreds of stories are ther in Hadiths…
    Muslims, be wise. It is shameful to follow this dirty fellow Mohammad as your prophet.

Thank you for doing the Lords work

Can you please name the books suggested near the end of the session?

This doesn’t look deleted.

I annoint you David Wood. I baptise you like John the Baptist blessed the Christ. You go on. We are so close to the moment where The Christ takes us all. Agape love to you David Wood.

Why this channel is still exist? I thought you want to delete it?

In the name of Joseph Joshua and David stay brother

Even taking the time to go through comments and deleting them, beatiful it is, may God all guide you

‘we have killed the Messiah, the son of Mary’. The other obvious mistake is found in the assertion that the Jews called Jesus, the son of Mary. No Jew would have referred to someone as the son of his mother. That’s outside of Jewish convention, and tipping the hat of acceptance to the gospels accounts of His lineage.

dr.haitham tallat taught this boy a hard lesson , you’re such a liar and and you’ve lack of honesty, you’re a fanatic against islam

Islam is the truth, and truth won’t get changed by dirty hands of those who don’t understand the most basic truth in the world : that God is one and would not become a human being . I suggest yall watch some of shaykh uthmans videos

This was such a great session, I am an ex-Muslim who left Islam for Christ and I hope to see more Muslims come out of the darkness of Islam and find their way to the light of Christ. I have a few videos on my channel and I hope you guys check them out!

Damn we sure got clickbaited

You really do have an unhealthy obsession with Islam?

45:45 That’s where I stopped listening. It can’t get more stupid than that. Prophets are no more than mouth-piece for Allah, they don’t necessarily understand what’s being revealed to them.
Islam is strongly clear in its Oneness to Allah, even if it uses “we” - plural of majesty, it never refers to Him as “them” – In your case, Jesus and NONE of the prophets ever preached the trinity.

David. My brother. I saw you are shutting down the channel. Great idea. I’m starting my own separate channel as well as the FACELESS PROPHET: The Autistic Christian.

I want to be a part of your ministry and want to connect with you.

I know you read comments so please connect with me brother.

Sending all my love to you and also our brother Nabeel.

This channel is a cult

Great testimony! Praise God!

In the medieval quran are not Jesus and Mary as in Asterix are not Julius caesar and Cleopatra. In the humor comic books quran and asterix there are only comic characters inspired in real people.