Mark Zuckerberg: The Image of God

In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the biblical claim, in Genesis 1:26-28, that human beings are created in the image of God. Zuckerberg draws an important conclusion from the context of the passage: Human beings image God when we create things.

For the full interview with Lex Fridman (“Mark Zuckerberg: Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and the Metaverse | Lex Fridman Podcast 267”), click here: Mark Zuckerberg: Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and the Metaverse | Lex Fridman Podcast #267 - YouTube

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Alien vs predator Aye you must be a comedian :joy:

“”Why God stays in Heaven?.” Because He scared :scream: of what He’s creating” :rofl:. Just kidding

Excellent video. “Imagine a Creator that did that” How wonderful is our Lord, praise him.

I like mark, and Facebook is a good platform if used properly. We don’t need “comment and like” just remove these two and everything will be ok. People are being judged by the number of “likes and comments” they get.

That was incredible – thanks, David!



I almost cried, I subscribed you years ago when you had not many subscribers, and I never regretted, I learned a lot about lot of things, that was amazing thank you

Actually mark Zuckerberg do not exist on the context that we are forcet to belive. Mark zukeberg is just a prestanome, facebook space x tesla amazon tweeter jack ma etc are CIA made not the f.uckers that you belive

Metaverse? I have vr chat

"So, as Mr. Mark have recreated this world over, they should have asked him, what is plan for Salvation???:joy::joy::joy::joy: we know that humans are always going to be humans no matter what planets they’re placed. God is NOT in the wrong! It’s something within “us the Being” that always want our freedom to do anything else that “opposite” from being good, Holy and righteous as God our Creator is Holy & Righteous.

That sounds alike like a repetitions of recreating the Earth again, just to find out that he was not too far from what God is going through with us, “Human” are still human no matter what planets you put them.
I guess for Mark to regained many of you’re all trust, "he have to send son his son or have himself come into the world that he created in order to teach people the right way of living righteous and as you say, they would beat & mistreat him in this virtual world he created, then he would have to die to made all of you righteous for those that believes in the "unity he’s trying to bring for human connection. Then Mr. Mark will truly understand what misery The True Living God of Heaven is really going through with us all.
You’re already agreed, that those bad things that you’ve been through would have to be done to him in order for you to be happy & satisfied; really does the would have found joy in the deaths of Jesus, God’s Holy Son, now? I think no Mark would then have a better understanding and respect for the True God & why God had let Human Beings go through or do what they want to do, until they come to realizations that they need to calmed down and enter the rest from all their evilness! & that’s what they’re called “REPENTANCE.” Repentance which means to turned away from something wrong you were thinking or saying or doing.

Why should this guy have this much money generated by a lousey social app. It just is not right folks.

Good job man !!

That man’s a lizard

All praise BE TO JESUS CHRIST :pray:

“He started this whole company”
Wasn’t he hired to write the program for the original founders of ‘Facebook’

Whaaaat? The perpetual lie? Never gets old!