Mathematical Miracles of Muhammad and the Quran! (Islam Critiqued)

Islam Critiqued was so impressed with the numerous numerical miracles of the Quran that he decided to search for more mathematical miracles of Islam. You won’t believe the astounding mathematical proofs that he discovered!

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David is a Muslim spy. He brings more people to Islam. Thank you David. Love yaaaaa. Soon you will come home. Make sure to bring this guy with you.

Mohammed, Worst creature ever lived on earth!

Find a house weaker than the spider’s house , if you do then islam is disproved, but you can’t

Just want to know your name so i know whom to call out when a mirracle happens to him in a next eternal life.

How i understand why ARabs invented Algebra, to figure out how these numbers gonna work together to serve Muhamad - smart​:sunny::sunny::sunny: Miracle

HA HA HA HA HA…I love your mathematical miracles! I’ve seen Muslims doing that, finding “numerical miracles” in the Quran out of totally absurd data

And oh… Allah promises 72 virgins in Heaven 7+2= 9
Which is the age of Aisha when Mohammed had sex with her!

I just hope the virgins are not 9years Old… oh that will be another Quranic Miracle

It’s Haven…

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two years later… still a miracle

Hypocriets low lifes who have no respect , following a religion of people who fled and betrayed Jezus

Islam critiqued is hilarious :joy:

The Quran-only text is 666 pages long when fully sized and 616 pages when small sized. No joke. One needn’t force 666 into the Quran because it’s already there.

Wow dude atleast try to be appealing
You could have actually looked into the mathematical miracles and show its not true
And btw some muslims take it too extreme extreme levels just ignore those people
I will give you a few to think about
The word man and woman is mentioned 23 times each
They both are also the number of chromosomes we get from each of our parent
23 + 23 = 46 the number of chromosomes in our body

The number times land and sea is written
If you find their percentage it will show the percentage of land and water of earth
71% sea
29% land
I didn’t write the exact decimal point but whatever
You get the point
Allah calls us a middle nation in the middle verse of surah al baqarah
In surah yaseen verse 36 which actually is 36:36
Ch 36 verse 36
Allah tells
Exalted is He who created all pairs - from what the earth grows and from themselves and from that which they do not know.
Emphasis on PAIRS
36 36


When you recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed. Quran(16:98)

If it was Satan’s book, why did Satan say seek refuge? Nonsense people :joy: may Allah guide you All… man hahahhaha

“In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.”
This Message is from the slave and Messanger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) to the Mankind.
Peace be upon him, who follows the right path. Furthermore
I invite you to Islam, and if you become a Muslim you will be safe, and Allah will double your reward, and if you reject this invitation of Islam you will be committing a sin.
(And I recite to you Allah’s Statement:)

:point_right:Allah almighty our creator says,
Say, “O people of the Book! Come to what is common between us and you, that we worship none but Allah; that we associate nothing with Him and that none of us shall make as our Lord any other than Allah.”
If they reject your invitation, then tell them plainly, “Bear witness that we are Muslims (who worship and surrender to Allah alone).”
Qur’an (3:64)

:point_right:Allah almighty says,
Your real Deity is but One. He Who is Lord of the earth and the heavens and of all that is between them, and Lord of all Easts.
Qur’an (37:5)

Once we die our creator will again resurrect us on the Judgment day.And on that day if you have believed in Allah and have followed his book Quran then you will be succeed in the hereafter life.

Hereafter life is the eternal life either in Paradise or hellfire depending upon the good amd bad deeds you did in this world.

:point_right:God Almighty says to the Mankind,
Say(O Prophet),
“Allah gives you life, then causes you to die, then He will assemble you on the Day of Resurrection about which there is no doubt.”
Quran (45:26)

this is not a joke anymore we need some “people” in cages or dead for the orthidox behavior of this evil robotic code. lets let the bad robots burn in the furnace.