Media Hypocrisy after the New Zealand Mosque Attack in Christchurch (David Wood)

Following the New Zealand Mosque Attack in Christchurch (in which dozens of Muslims were killed by white nationalist Brenton Tarrant while praying), journalists have insisted that we must carefully examine the ideology of the terrorist who carried out the attack. Oddly enough, however, these same journalists condemn people who examine the ideology of jihadis. Media hypocrisy has never been more obvious. David Wood discusses the hypocrisy following the NZ shooting.

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Did everyone catch the BBC’s interview of R. Kelly and Muhammad? Miles Cowperthwaite was excellent: - YouTube

Stop dictator Adern!

The journalist the most hypocracy ever…money talk :joy::joy::joy: I am so sick and tired with this “satanic cult”, those abdols always say Isis the radical islam…show us the the real islam bas
ed on qur’an then,…what an ignorant people :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: keep on doing good David…Jesus blesses you and your family…:pray::pray::heart:

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern is a satanist it does not represent the people of New Zealand but foreign interest groups.

I am going to be a journalist and show Pisslam’s true face

Ur speaking the truth :+1::+1::+1:

i think they missed that the Norway terror attacks was in 2011 not 2001, when you pointed out the “this is is a”. What source is this?

You are totally right
Most of journalists are Leftists.
The Leftists are connected to Islam in all over the world.

Who inspired the killer it was the koran

The media itself is the terrorist.

Europe is determined to self destruct. Their greedy leadership is selling them out. It may be too late, but it will still be up-to the “commoners” to fight for themselves when it’s finally apparent to them that this is happening.

Only recently I found out that people had been killed in North Nigeria’s churches at that time. Of course there was no widespread media coverage here in Europe.

Well done again Acts17. Another well articulated and superbly reasoned video.

All are fakenews I hate BBC

Fake Liberals alwaya hate Right wingers

Anytime l listen to your speech l feel in my spirit to pray to God for your protection. May Jehova watch over your steps. May the plains of the evil one against you come to nothing. May the blessing and the love of Jehovah God be your portion in Jesus name, Amen.

Brilliant as usual.

You’re sick

Yep. ZERO is correct. In NZ now, cops are turning up to houses of people wanting a chat because they dare to question the Immigration policy that their Labor PM has implemented and encouraged. And she is now VERY CLOSE to China. No wonder they are disarming the whole country now. The Irony. And the NZ PM using the NZ police as their right hand, are now turning up to people’s houses and wanting to know why they have posted opinions on Islam on social media. NZ is heading down a road of complete Totalisms treating their own people who own guns or have an opinion about immigration or religion as a potential threat!!!