Milo Yiannopoulos Destroys Twitter

Twitter recently banned gay conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey intervened in a feud between Yiannopoulos and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Since the relevance of social media sites is proportional to how much their users enjoy sharing on the sites, will the ban on Yiannopoulos hurt Twitter’s long-term success? Absolutely. By exposing the political bias of Dorsey and Twitter’s other administrators, Milo Yiannopoulos has destroyed Twitter.

This is why I don’t subscribe to any social media! God bless you and your family. Praying for y’all.

Milo is no longer gay. He is no longer gay because he is fully embracing his Christian faith. I just found it out.

And today they banned the president of the US :us: how about that.

Wait until the day you get banned on twitter for saying this… You David are a better prophet than Muhammad.

I never could get into Twitter. I just didn’t like it.

FUCK twitter and facebook.

The leftwaffer run twatter

This guy is terrific. I wonder how he does it each time I watch his videos.

In the U.K. people are leaving Twitter in droves and joining Parler instead it’s akin to being unchained I recommend it , come join a platform where free speech really is free


Making his list; checking it twice… Satan Clause is coming to town. You better be politically left, not politically right. Satan Clause is coming.
Holocaust season is near.
Communism is the form of government they want. They’re almost ready. Just waiting for their useful idiots to become the right age and numbers in the workforce.
When crashing the economy they’ll have all the motivation they can muster. Every communist government is put in place by killing people. Weather Underground boasted that it would have to be 25mil dead back in early 70 late 60’s. History repeats itself people.

I didn’t know Leslie Jones wasn’t a man…

So Twitter, FB, YouTube and Google are censoring conservative views. Saudis are behind these platforms? The faces are Jewish i.e. Zuckerberg.

Isn’t Leslie Jones a pre-op male to female transvestite?

I’m about to download the twitter app now. Certainly better than instagram.

All “systems” of any sort “require” uniformity and compliance. That is the only way they can work. But this is the way to death for that particular system.

so twitter blocked milo… now when will gay rights movement protest against twitter for discriminating gays ? LOL

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
Laws that seek to curtail the rights of others, labeling the truth they speak as “hate speech”, this is the law for those who cannot contain their emotive responses and are in need of safe spaces. Simply because one has lost the ability to think for themselves, or to process facts and statistics, free from the political and ideological narrative propagated by the mainstream (and those of a certain ideology), this now means that the delusions of the few must be norm for all. Pretty sad indeed, that civil discourse must be altogether outlawed because someone’s “feelings” might be hurt or they may become enraged. Welcome back to grade school, where the bullies rule the roost and call it as the best for all.

Genuinely curious why Trump’s twitter account hasn’t been banned yet. He uses it so well to bypass the bias media.