Mob Stones Quran Burner in Pakistan

Muhammad Mushtaq was a mentally ill man roaming the streets of Khanewal District in Punjab Province, Pakistan. When the son of a prayer leader at the local Muslim mosque reported that Mushtaq had burned pages of the Quran, a mob formed and stoned him to death for blasphemy. Prime Minister Imran Khan, as always, says that vigilante justice will not be tolerated in his country.

For the Al Jazeera article quoted in this video (“Pakistan mob lynches man over blasphemy allegation: Police”), click here: Pakistan mob lynches man over blasphemy allegation: Police | Crime News | Al Jazeera

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0:50 click here David wood says calls Quran unholy book…

Police :police_car::rotating_light: is afraid of crowd or police also is part of moab who has same beliefs same mentality like moab…

Unho- whuut?:joy:

This is why you don’t burn our quran if you do I hope these mobs come for you

I am a Muslim this guy will enter hellfire

Jesus Christ is lord

I’m a Christian but I do find it hard to accept why God said so stone people in the Old Testament…

RELIGION OF PEACE :+1::exclamation:

Well deserved

Thank u for raising voice for minority sir. :heart:

I guess in Pakistan it’s customary to believe the accusations of one man. It seems like they get pleasure from torchuring people. Obviously they all share one brain that’s lacking a conscience.

What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Who did that? Who killed six million (600000) Jews? Who start World War One and World War Two? And now which countries are trying to start the Third World War? The slavery trade? Colonization of the African continent? Massacring of the Native Americans? And the big question is! Which religion these groups of people were who did these horrible things? Yes they all were Christians and white folks :100:

:joy: David Wood firstly that’s ignorance from those people whom murder that guy. Why I’m saying this… because in Islam there’s not such things as punishing a man or woman for burning the Qurān. By the way it’s preferable to burn the Qurān instead of leaving it in the wrong hands of people like you ( for example ) eat the pages or put the Qurān in the toilet or filthy places. What you brings here are evidences from misguided extremist sects deviated from the real teachings of Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him ).

However, if a Muslim was burning a Bible, I bet the same thing would happen or probably worse.

Same as a mental I’ll women in Pakistan I saw the video a got stoned and burned alive in Afghanistan. My questions is to the Muslim how can you be so blind when someone telling you someone ripped the Koran how do you know the story is true if you dint see it how can you be so overwhelmed by your hate

Can’t believe a part of my mainland has gone DEGENERATE under Islamic rule after partition.

youre next.




It’s the law in Pakistan no one can commit blasphemy