Mohammed Hijab Abandons Islam, Slams Allah and Muhammad!

According to the Quran (4:65 and 33:21), Mohammed Hijab (the world’s greatest Muslim) is now an apostate. In his efforts to attack non-Muslims, Hijab has ended up condemning his prophet (Muhammad), his god (Allah), and his book (the Quran). In other words, Hijab has told Islam: “You’re finished!” David Wood discusses the issue.

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You are just a wicked son of a witch … Idk why are you after Islam while digging a hole in which you are going to fall yourself…idk your parents taught you something

I remember how you were roasted in the debate, cmon give a break.

wait is Mohammed Hijab an ex-muslim now? WOAH!!!

That is a great comeback. Show him who he really is…

I think you are failed in live Debate with Muhammad hijab

This is sad. Too bad we can’t conver Muhammad. Hr is miserable because he doesn’t know the One True God. He doesn’t accept what Jesus Christ did on the cross for EVERY man if they would only accept it. Muhammad could be free and happy. He’s somebody in that culture. Same as Saul. Saul was somebody until the road to Damascus. I pray God that Jesus Christ knock the scales out of Muhammad’s eyes. For his sake and his family and people. God has converted way harder hearts!

No doubt ur hate of islam is obvious. Muslims aren’t perfect. Like urselfs. But Islam is still the fastest growing religion…without any help of mainstream media.

The only purpose every ppl got in this world is to disgrace muslims personally n individually, as well deconstruct islaam in his /her baised ways . Some bring their scince some their logic n either by hook or crook the successfully prove what ever they want to feed their ego .
Full of garbages n hate that’s all .
But everyone has right to live a happy life unless non muslims stop playing God to determine muslims fate .

Muhammad hijab is already possessed by the devil same like his prophet. My brothers and sisters, prayers is powerful, let’s pray for Muhammad hijab and zakir naik to be a servant of our Lord Jesus :pray::pray::pray:

what a load of claptrap !

You wer defeated by hijab…


You are fake you loose debate with mohammed hijab.hes is still Muslim don’t spread fake news

Where where is your evidence about Muhammad Hijab?

It’s written do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. we truly need divine wisdom for this. not just to stand our ground, but also to obviously overcome. may God give us this wisdom! Amen!

Communication with an Muslim! 1. Taqiyya 2. Tahwriya 3. Kithman 4. Calling you names 5. Intimidation 6. Violence. Deception always end in violence!

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

The truth is quick, powerful and sharper than a double edge sword :dagger: ouch! :sweat_smile:

HIJAB IS OVERGROWN SON OF DONKEY :laughing::rofl::joy: