Mohammed Hijab, Ali Dawah, and Farid Throw Tantrum to Get Us Demonetized! (LIVE, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and the Apostate Prophet will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the cowardly attempts of Mohammed Hijab, Ali Dawah, Farid (of Farid Responds), and many others to get ex-Muslims and critics of jihad demonetized and canceled.

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India supports you

How proud they feel when they destroy ancient buildings

Such a tempest that blows away the fog that have covered over the holes in the narrative. AMBA

9 mins he tricked you ? ? NO HE LIED TO YOU. He knows he cant win and the bully is scared.

Yeh 7.50 minutes Muhammad Hijab is to good a coward to debate you. Ha ha haaa

LOL These Muslims are phobic.

The Bible commands us to protect the innocent!

Great video tyvm

Jesus is the only way humbly ask he will answer you

In the west we say, the Enemy of our enemy is our friend. In Islam they say do not let your enemy know that you are his enemy. Quote from CP

Golden shower is the most vulgar word have come across. Ejaculating on another person for sexual pleasure.

Two clowns :smiley::grinning::laughing::sweat_smile:

That guy Ali Dawah is dumber than mop water.

I may just have set a record on SUBSCRIBE–> SUNSUBSCRIBE time at Capturing Christianity… under 3 minutes, I think. “Tick-Tock, time to Rock!”

Mohammed Hijab is nothing but a “Molly Muslim”.

None of these latter-day Muslim apologists will ever enter into a proper “fair” debate (with proper moderation & adjudication) with anyone, because they know they would lose, & they would not be allowed to enter into name-calling or shouting over their opponents etc. Those Muslims do not know the meaning of the word “fair”.

I think before agreeing to a debate with any Muslim apologist - the “rules” which have already been agreed to by both parties, should be posted somewhere where they can be readily viewed by anyone who can view the debate. Then at the start of the debate, both debaters should be alerted to those “rules” & have to verbally agree to them in front of the audience, before the debate proper commences. Then when the Muslim debater later breaks those rules (which someone like Mohammed Hijab is bound to do) - the moderator/adjudicator promptly disqualifies them from the debate & declares the other party the winner.

No matter how much these two clowns try to spit on Islam, more and more Christians are returning to Islam! :smiley::point_up:

Defending your pagan religion on lies and falsely preaching as Paul counsels and faithfully following the murderer of Jesus ’apostles and followers is doomed!

How about toilet paper with satanic (Quran) verses printed on it?